When running an online business or even if your main business is land based and you’re just venturing into internet marketing, the most important factor is always your landing page

This is simply because it’s the first thing seen by anyone visiting your website. Your landing page has only one purpose and that is to convince people to take action which in this game is called making conversions.

You need to have absolutely no distractions and as few options as possible. An interactive landing page is designed specifically for guiding your visitors along a singular path and having them take a well -defined action

These tips from the local SEO guys on the Gold Coast will help create the right landing page that boosts your conversion rate:

The most effective, high converting landing pages provide a frictionless experience for users where media saturation causes users to be exposed to interactive pages everywhere and without one, your chances of survival are diminishing.

  • Marketing Psychology Strategy

Using statements designed to foster feelings of curiosity and the fear of missing out or nearly missing out if you don’t, to change visitors from being passive to being active.

Using the latest marketing psychology to create highly relevant, engaging content on your landing page

  • An Element of Fun and Entertainment

Include an element of humor or fun into your landing page in order to make it stand out and be extraordinary.

A clever, amusing or funny landing page causes interaction and something a visitor is likely to remember and return to. Ask your local SEO on the Gold Coast for some ideas

  • An Interactive Design
  • Using attention grabbing content that is designed lure of your visitors into being active participants and wanting to share their information to gain information of a reward in real time
  • Interesting interactive content will increase the attention span of the average visitor by about 100%
  • To get visitors attention as soon as they arrive on your landing page to encourage them to get involved in exploring an active scenario, answering questions or making a choice
  • Gather information about your visitors, so they leave a data rich footprint, so you have better profiles of your visitors.
  • Getting information about their persona, their demographics and also firmographics will enable you to do a follow up geared at talking directly to new prospects and meeting them where they are comfortable with specific information that’s persuasive and relevant to them.

Using the Two Screen Approach

When using a two screen approach you can easily gain small affirmatives on the first screen which enables you to offer a second screen that is customized for them, based on the information they have supplied and their needs.

This helps visitors gain trust and builds momentum, they then start to invest emotionally in the process and want to obtain the promised benefits or rewards, so willingly submit their information.

Then add a smart call to action that is based on the information that your visitor has provided.

Your local SEO Company on the Gold Coast will happily advise you on the best way to create the best, most effective interactive landing page to boost your conversions or create it for you.