Google works as a pay-per-click (PPC) platform where the advertiser pays per click on that ad. Unlike paid social approaches like Facebook Ads, Google charges for every click that your ad generates. Similar to your SEO strategy, Google Ads use your keywords and keyword phrases to target your customers and motivate them to click through to your website. Ensuring that your ads are effective, targeted and specific is crucial to your return on investment (ROI). The advantages of this are that is it is easy to manage your budget and simple to track results. Google provides extensive data into your target market and what is targeting them most effectively. With our monthly reporting and face-to-face meetings, our Straight Up Digital team will monitor, adjust and customise your Google Ad to ensure optimal results. You can depend on us to lead you to success.

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Being at the top of Google for relevant searches is necessary to stay ahead of your competitors. Google Ads are a great tool to leverage googles authority to build trust to your target market. The further up you rank within the first search page; the more trust is cemented in your customers and status in the industry. Google Ads can bump you up to the top, raise your brand visibility and instantly promote you over your competitors. With right campaign strategy the growth and ROI from your Google Ads are limitless. When every click comes at a price, our proven strategies are crucial to convert browsers into quality leads and life-time customers.

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