Why Facebook?

The thing about Facebook is that it is accessible to us at all times of the day. Social media in general has become habitual to many of us, which means you can reach your audience at any time of the day and get instant engagement in your businesses content. Through Facebook Ads your business can reach potential customers in real time with specific targeted campaigns.

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What is the difference between Social Media Management and Facebook/Social Media Ads? Social media management revolves around organic growth, however ads generate paid traffic. They are both necessary for those business serious about their digital marketing and both have their distinct benefits. Facebook and social media ads have ability to target your specific audience through analytics and demographic characteristics. Facebook users build a comprehensive profile for themselves. They provide extensive characteristics from their age, ethnicity, likes, dislikes, geographical information. This means Facebook has a thorough idea of online identities, how their users spend their time, and our spending habits. Facebook is a data driven social media platform and bases their algorithm on their user’s data. They make updates regularly and stay relevant in the constantly changing landscape.

All these analytics that Facebook have at their finger tips mean that it is the perfect place for businesses to narrow in on their target market and convert real customers!

The Benefits

Paid Ads have unlimited benefits depending on your budget and business goals. No matter your allocated spend Facebook Ads have extremely high return on investment (ROI) if executed properly. Your ROI might be drastically different to another business in your industry, which is why we design your ads to cater to your goals with specific marketing tools. Facebook Ads can generate monetary ROI by driving sales to your website and converting new customers in the sales funnel. They can also be targeted to generate quality leads, building a network through lead magnets, or increasing visibility. They are also great for building your online presence and brand identity. Facebook has a large reach, and their data driven methods can grow your business through impressions fast.

All of these benefits and data is highly measurable through Facebook’s extensive reporting on ads. With our detailed reporting, consistent monitoring and refining we can adjust your ads accordingly to ensure all of your goals are being met, bringing sales as they are needed. With our help we can get you started. Real customers, real results and an authentic approach. Be the business your customers didn’t know they needed!

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