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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine Optimisation or SEO covers all the different actions and procedures that are needed to make your content discoverable by people searching for your products or similar products and services. This includes adding specific relevant keywords and phrases to help search engines find and store and then recover or make instantly available the content or information in the content that you have placed on the internet. Say, you searched for SEO Gold Coast. Right! and you discovered us, have you ever gave a second though why? Let me tell you the reasons:

Factors responsible for ranking for SEO Gold Coast

Page Title

  • Our page Title is relevant
  • We have used Focus keyword “SEO Gold Coast” in the Page Title
  • We have used focus keyword “SEO Gold Coast” at the beginning of the Page Title
  • Our Page Title length is perfect

Meta description

  • Our Meta description is relevant
  • We have used our focus keyword “SEO Gold Coast” in the Meta description
  • Our Meta description is perfect


  • We have used only one H1 tag as “SEO Gold Coast” which is also our page URL.
  • We have added good information, that is relevant to anyone making a search for SEO or search engine optimisation
  • Our content length is good (2432 words)
  • We have used our focus keyword “SEO Gold Coast” in the first paragraph of the text
  • Though it is said that you should use your focus keyword, which is in our case “SEO Gold Coast” more often, in the text to improve keyword density, but it should be used in a way that it shouldn’t sound unnatural or forced keyword placement.
  • We have added an image to our content, this not only improves your content visibility but also gives you a chance to improve keyword density.

Call to Action

Conversion on your website largely depends upon these Call to actions, so it important for you to make sure that your visitors convert too. for this, you can implement.

  • Link to your contact us page, with text such as Contact us Right Now! , talk to your local Gold Coast Experts and many other as per your business niche.
  • You can also add phone numbers as Call us: 1300 117 791
  • A pop up contact us form at the end of the screen

SEO Gold Coast ranking factors

Search engines are programs that have been specially developed by companies such as Google to allow information to be stored and the retrieved as required, by internet users to make it easy for them to find the information they require. These programs are very complex computer derived algorithm codes that for all intents and purposes are an alike an artificial intelligence. Search Engines are organic by nature, self-developing and adaptable and able to do very complex multi-tasking functions.

The origins of search engines and their modern programs can be traced back to about 1990 when the first organic computer algorithms were developed to keep track of cyber currencies like bitcoins as a means to make the currency safe and totally traceable. These first algorithms have evolved into modern-day search engines that store the information they gather in huge banks of supercomputers located in strategic locations around the world. When you place a piece of content into your computer or make a request for information in your browser, it is almost instantly processed, then saved, sorted and stored in an order of relevance and compliance so it is available when called for.

Search engines follow a very strict code that allows them to examine a piece of web content and determines by its very makeup. In a millisecond they can decide where to place a certain piece of content so that it fits in the correct order of the complex arrangements of content information matrix that is the World Wide Web.

There are of the trillions of individual pieces of information on the internet with, millions more being added every second. Search engines then fit this information into the matrix so it can store until needed.

If the information or content you place on the net meets the special criteria needed to allow it to be placed close to the top of the matrix, then when anyone makes a search on the net and uses any of your keywords it will be retrieved to be viewed.

As there are so much information and so many keywords used in SEO the more complex you make your keywords the easier the search engines can tell them apart. A keyword or set of keywords is really a digital code, for example, if you place “ice-creams” into your browser you would get millions of replies about ice-cream, but if you were to place “Ice-creams in The Gold Coast”, because there are more digits that form a longer code it is easier for the search engines to find what you are looking for so you would have a more local response. If you decided to place “The best handmade fresh natural wholesome ice-creams in The Gold Coast” in your browser you would have narrowed down the search so much more than it is very likely you will find a website that is search engine optimised for all or some of those words. By cross-referencing and recognizing the keywords the search engine would send you a list of all the places that are optimised for those words starting with the best matches.

The search engine uses what are called crawlers to examine every piece of information in minute detail. Search Engine Optimisation refers to all the different things that are done to the content you place on the net to make it easy for the search engines to discover it.

A good way of looking at the way content should be presented for the best optimisation is to ensure that it is clean and pure or virginal content, meaning that the content must be of a high quality with no mistakes of any kind and totally fresh and original.

Any content that is found to be repetition or other content, flawed or copied from another source is placed lower down on the matrix and causes it to become harder to recover unless you use long and specific wording that matches it very closely.

The internet is organic by nature in that it is evolving and reinventing itself constantly and so are the search engines, with millions of bit of new content or information being added each day the role of search engines is continuing to become more complex, but at the same time it is also becoming more refined so by following a strict set of rules regarding SEO it is possible to optimise your content in such a way that it is in fact, easier for you to get it nearer the top of the matrix. This is especially true for the more specific information you may post or request.

There is nothing random about searches, they are very precise, the more detailed the request, the more detailed the answer or response will be.

All types of content you place on the net should be optimised so it can easily be found, including photos and images, blogs, eBooks, titles, headings, subheadings and even different pages of a website or blog, along with tags and anything you post on the internet that you want to be discovered. Contact your local SEO expert

How search engine optimisation can help your business?

The name of the game is to make your business and your products or services easy for your existing customers and any potential customers to find. With the billions of pieces of information and random content on the net, you need to be very organized and take the time to optimise your webpages properly so the information you need to get to your potential customers is delivered to them quickly and efficiently.


By being properly search engine optimised your website will become your most important business showroom. When you make it proactive it can become your greatest asset of at least the same value as the plant you use to make your products. This is because without the correct search engine optimisation your business is in danger of being left far behind your opposition, who you can be sure, are racing to make sure they are search engine optimised.

Studies have revealed that although most sales are still completed in shops or showrooms by the various sales staff there. The majority of people, before they buy a product or engage a service, first check the internet to find out all they can about the products they are interested in. They not only look at the products or services but look for a company that stands by their products and has a good record of customer service and satisfaction. The information contained about you and your products on the different social media platforms can have a tremendous effect on whether your customers want to deal with you.

It is important that you not only your website and products show up when people search for the products or services that you supply, but that any social media comments are of a positive nature and encourage customers to trust you and feel comfortable dealing with you. But this can only happen if you are visible and have a good positive web presence. Without these, it would be difficult or even impossible for your business to grow in the future. Other people who are providing a similar service or selling similar products and have a web presence that is SEO will be able to dominate the sales in your area.

Each month the number of people who are buying on the net is increasing with the sales figures growing by about 10% per year, with sites like Google processing over 3.5 billion search queries each day. With this amount of activity on a daily basis think about how many visitors could you expect on your SEO website each day. Call us Now! 1300 117 791

Why you should hire a Local SEO Gold Coast Expert

SEO is not necessarily limited to the whole web but can be localized, so that the people in your surrounding area can be easily reached using localized SEO and social media from your own area. At the same time, they can easily reach you. If you have an ice-cream parlor in The Gold Coast and decide to launch a new marketing campaign to promote your business, there is little advantage of screaming it to the world in general. The audience you need to reach is the local people and the passing tourist trade coming to your area. This requires your internet content to be specific to the local area and the local tourist industry.

Over 55% of all internet searches are now being done on mobile devices and a large percentage of these searches are carried out by people looking for products or services in their areas. Companies like Google and Yahoo have developed from their early stages into the backbone of today’s internet, coupled with social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Printest, Linkedin and others, but they all have one thing in common. Without search engines and their ability to assimilate information, the internet they could not function. This field is so complex the majority of people need a search engine expert to optimise their web pages and content for it to be effective and their business to be successful and profitable.

SEO Gold Coast Local Search

Sure, you can learn to do it yourself and spend hours perfecting it and becoming a web SEO guru or master. But that is a bit like a person who owns a car rental firm deciding to become an “A” grade mechanic to service their fleet of cars instead of running the company. Every successful business person knows that the best way to get ahead in business is to delegate the work to the best experts you can find so everything comes together in a successful company. (The definition of a company “a group of people working together with a common purpose”) SEO is no different, you need an SEO expert that can invigorate and revive your internet presence. A bit like having your car tuned by a first-class mechanic instead of the guy next door, you’re looking for the best result possible; it can really be the difference between a hugely successful business and a “just scraping by enterprise”.

Search engine optimisation is much more than finding the right words, it is using those words to the greatest or optimum effect to obtain the best overall result. SEO is also about emotions, stirring up people’s feelings and getting them involved in wanting your product on an emotional level. Many ads feature a pretty girl, but tend to be a bit sterile, by adding a new element, such as a smiling baby or a handsome lover, a clever producer can turn the photo into an emotional scene that intrigues people and entices them to want to find out more, this is one area where a local SEO is most important.

To be able to compete with all the thousands of other businesses that are similar to yours on the net, you need to have an edge or an advantage that puts you above the rest and makes your business more attractive than the competition.

There are many SEO firms on the net from all parts of the world, with a large range of fees and costs. Many of them have vast amounts of experience and can advise you on a global level, but in the world of SEO, a local SEO expert can make all the difference because you need local knowledge unless you want to sell your products worldwide, in which case you need both.

A top priority for any business today is finding a search engine expert that knows your local area, a Gold Coast SEO will be familiar with the jargon of the area and also the way the people on The Gold Coast use their social media to locate the information they require. Contact your local SEO experts on the Gold Coast

Local SEO Gold Coast Process

When you decide that you want your internet business and internet content to be search engine optimised it is necessary to first ensure that your whole business is streamlined and ready for SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation of your business on a local level begins with your SEO expert looking over your whole operation to get an in-depth feel of your business and business plan. Then they will check all your web pages for accuracy and mistakes, both to make sure they are factually and grammatically correct (Search engines do not like imperfections) as well as edit your content to ensure it fits in with the local theme of the area, the ambient tone of your likely customers.

Using some of the specialty applications for SEO they will search out the local competition and discern their operations to see what works and gets results and what does not.

SEO Gold Coast Process

Then you will meet to discuss together your business plan and what you want to achieve, your business goals and the direction you want your business to go in. Then together you will formulate a business plan and strategic operation to bring your business fully into line with your objectives.

Once this is achieved and you are happy with your business model it is time to start search engine optimisation of your internet business content.

Your SEO expert will begin actions where necessary and either craft new content for your existing web pages or create new content and pages where appropriate in some or all of the following areas:

  • Your main website and web pages
  • Your blogs and associated content
  • Add share or multitask buttons, where appropriate
  • Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Printest, Linkedin, Myspace, YouTube and any other social media platforms that are common in your location
  • Any front or backlinks to any of your internet content
  • Activate relevant web based auto content opt in feeders and build a client related mailing list for sending relevant information and things of interest to people on your list
  • Monitor your internet progress, the number of visitors you have, their reactions and actions
  • Update and answer or subscribe to any sites that are relevant to your business or help promote peoples interest in your business and product or services

These are some of the things a local SEO expert will help you with, but most importantly, they will get you noticed and bring traffic to your site and business. Call us Now! 1300 117 791 or fill our Contact us form

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