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Fact Check about Search Engine RESULTS

Search Per second, measured on one of the biggest search engines Google is around 63,000. Calculating further 3.8 million searches per minute, 228 million searches per hour, and 5.6 billion searches per day, that is around 2 trillion searches per year.

What Is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is about creating a website and content in such a way that it shows up in online searches because it follows the guidelines or best practices as outlined by Google the largest search engine. There are many facets to SEO, some of the important areas are providing original, high value, relevant content, having a fast loading user friendly website and proper website structure and many others.

Why SEO matters

In the year 2018, an estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide purchased online. In the same year, e-retail sales globally amounted to $2.8 trillion. And the projected global e-retail sales will grow up to $4.8 trillion by 2021.

Research has shown that over 60 per cent of all web traffic that is done on Google goes to the first three results on the first page of the search results.

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    SEO Gold Coast

    The maximum sale is generated through the top 3 positions and SEO helps you reach the top 3 positions either organically or through its paid medium (PPC/Adwords).

    On and Off-Page SEO

    On-Page SEO or onsite SEO refers to factors including website speed, AMP, Sitemap, robots.txt file, on-page content, content structure, website structure, internal links placement, navigation, broken links, meta tags, alt tags, image size and many other factors that will be discussed further.

    Off-Page SEO refers to other website owners who link back to your original content on your website or content of yours that other people share with others. It can also refer to content you contribute to other sites such as answering other website, blogs and getting involved in internet community discussions that link back to your site. For example, doing a guest blog spot on another website.

    Google places high values on high-quality links to your site from other high-quality sites with related themes. Low quality or paid links can be penalised by Google, resulting in a drop in their search rankings.

    About SEO

    SEO or Search Engine Optimisation can be briefly categorised into three categories:

    1. Traffic Quality your website receives, say you are an SEO Company Gold Coast offering SEO services, and you receive very high volume of traffic for your website for search term Gold Coast, this can’t be considered quality traffic as most of the people searching for Gold Coast might not be interested in the SEO services offered by your SEO Company Gold Coast.
    2. Traffic Quantity So now when you are clear about the quality of traffic the next concern is to get more and more click from Quality terms, in our case it would be SEO Gold Coast, SEO Company Gold Coast Or SEO Services Gold Coast and can be many others, you can use Keyword Planner By Google to discover more keywords.
    3. Amount of Organic Traffic Your website receives.

    Ranking Factors Your SEO Company Gold Coast consider:

    Ranking Factors Your SEO Company Gold Coast consider

    Our Gold Coast SEO team focus on more than 200 rankings factors that Google considers before rankings a website on Page One, though some other Gold Coast SEO specialists might add or subtract some of these factors.

    To make it much easier to understand we have compiled these 200 SEO rankings factors in 9 Groups. These are:

    • Domain Factors:

      Age of your domain, having keywords in your domain, keyword placement in domain, keywords in domain directory or internal pages (straightupdigital.com.au/seo-gold-coast/), EMD or exact match domain can be helpful, if the website is full of information, domain extension such as for Australia .com.au, public Whois is always better than private Whois.

    • Page Factors:

      Keyword in title tag (SEO Gold Coast | SEO Company Gold Coast | SEO Services Gold Coast), keyword in Meta description (Your Local SEO Company Gold Coast. will give you many reasons to stay, Call your local SEO Expert NOW! 1300 117 791 for SEO Services Gold Coast), keywords in heading tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 & H6), keyword prominence for targeted terms, Targeted term frequency in content, density of targeted keywords, use of synonymies keywords, length of content, content readability, content structure, spelling and grammatical error page load speed on desktop and mobile, AMP or Accelerated mobile page optimization, duplicate content check, content update on historical pages those are performing well, Number and quality of outbound and inbound links, broken links, media such as Image and videos, schema markup, W3C validation, sitemap priority setup (1.0 for prominent pages and accordingly for others.), Page layout. Contact Us to find more about it

    • Site Factors:

      As it important for a product to have a USP (unique selling proposition) same is with the online market, if you are offering something unique search engine will value it and will rank better, Website architecture, website up and sown time, location of your server, SSL certification, navigation, use of tracking tools such as Google Analytics & Google webmaster tool.

    • Backlinks:

      Quality and quantity of backlinks, Anchor text in backlinks, number of backlinks from same or different referring domains, domain and page authority of backlink websites, no follow and Do-follow links, paid and organic links, the text used for links, Placement of backlinks from referring website and other backlinks on the same page

    • User-friendly:

      A higher CTR can improve rankings for the website, Low Bounce rate, higher direct traffic, and new vs returning traffic high returning traffic is a good ranking factor, Client Bookmarks (Chrome, Firefox and others)

    • Google Algorithm:

      Following all factors that Google has defined in its key algorithm updates to recover any future manual or automated penalty, In the last section we will define all the major Google Algorithms that we follow to maintain the best SEO results on the Gold Coast for our clients.

    • Brand Signals:

      Social Media Profile, Do your brand same have any search volume, Brand name in the anchor text, local NAP Check (Name, address, phone).

    • On-Site Factors:

      Check if the website is over-optimised

    These and many more that help Our Client achieve Top ranks! Do you want to Rank On Page 1

    SUD The Gold Coast Experts SEO Process

    Our SEO process begins with giving your site a complete technical audit if you already have a site or building a complete new website for you that is based on sound SEO practices if that is required.

    Gold Coast Experts SEO ProcessSome of the aspects of your site, we will check are:

    • Speed

    The amount of time it takes for your website to download to a user’s screen and the time it takes to navigate around your site is vitally important as even just a few seconds delay can result in loss as users may abandon your site and move to websites having better user experience and are more efficient.

    Web users now expect sites to be superfast and easy to navigate; those that are slow and hard to view as well as those that are too complicated, making it hard for searchers t0 find exactly what they want are viewed as inferior, of low value and not trustworthy.

    Google notices when there are a lot of searchers bouncing from a website as this indicate they are not satisfied with what they find. This can cause the search engines to downgrade a site ranking, so page speed is an important SEO ranking factor.

    At SUD the Gold Coast SEO experts, will make sure your website is lightning fast.

    • Broken Links

    Broken links indicate that as website is not being properly maintained, like bad housekeeping, it can reflect in lower search rankings because searchers and users cannot navigate around your site easily

    At SUD the Gold Coast SEO experts, will audit your website to find out any broken links and make sure that these pages are either redirected to existing related pages or in case if it’s an important page that use to drive traffic, we would advise recreating the page.

    • XML-Sitemap

    Your XML-sitemap refers to list of the URLs on your site; these are text files that include details about the pages on your website including Priority of the page, Change frequency & last modified. You can check your XML site map by typically adding sitemap.xml at the root of your domain domain – say, for us it would be straightupdigital.com.au/sitemap.xml. Our SEO audit team makes sure that you have your sitemap included and submitted in the Google search console.

    • Robots.txt

    A Robots.txt file is used to provide details about pages or certain area of your website that you don’t want Google to index or crawl, these are usually administrative areas. If you use these files, make sure they don’t mask or block areas you wish to be included in the crawler’s search.

    At SUD the Gold Coast SEO experts, will discuss your requirements regarding pages that you do or don’t want to be indexed by Google and will include all the URL’s in the Robots file allow ir disallow section.

    • Redirections 301/303 Canonical

    There are several different redirects commonly used and it’s important that they are used appropriately. Even though Google has advised of their correct use only 38percent of websites use them or use them correctly. They are valuable because the search engines don’t like duplication and these tags provide information to the search engines if there is duplication, if content has moved and to where, if it’s permanent or temporary.

    301 Redirects tell the search engine a set piece of content has been permanently moved and that users are being directed to a new page. This allows the links in the original URL to count towards the ranking of the new page.

    302 Redirects tell the search engine that a set piece of content has moved temporarily to a new site, but it will soon return and you would like them to keep crawling your original page. This is important because if your site is ranking well and you need to change your page to add a temporary message to visitors. This will ensure you don’t lose your ranking because of a temporary duplication.

    Canonical Redirects are a meta tags that are placed at the head of a page to point to the original source of content, they are used when you know you have duplications on your website and want to place a notification of this in the page URL, this tells the search engines that the duplication has been sourced from the original and that the credits for it should be awarded to the source. This is designed to prevent you losing your rating for duplication.

    Used widely in ecommerce website as similar products are available under different categories with different URLs.

    At SUD the Gold Coast SEO experts, will make sure that all duplicate pages on your website are managed properly either by implementing 301 redirections or by implementing canonical redirection

    • HTTPs status

    HTTPs status codes are the standard responses that are given because a page does not load correctly. There are 5 categories of HTTP status codes and these will be checked by our team of expert digital marketing auditors to ensure all pages are operating correctly on your site

    • AMP

    AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages are pages that are designed to load very quickly on mobile devices. These are integrated into your main webpages and are stripped of any elements that would slow down your page loading speed.

    At SUD the Gold Coast SEO experts, will audit all the pages and ensures they are valid AMP

    • Internal Links

    All internal links go from one page on a domain to another page on the same domain. They are checked to ensure that users will not find any broken links when moving around your site and the URL’s are all correct. The external links are also tested, so when you send visitors to another website, they go to the correct placeSEO Audit

    • Meta tags

    Meta tags are abbreviated text messages that appear in a page’s source code, but not on the webpage itself. They are content descriptions to inform the search engines what the page is about. These need to be checked to be sure they are accurate and represent a true indication of the page content

    At SUD the Gold Coast SEO experts, will make sure that all Meta tags fall under the defined guidelines as mentioned by Google, Such as tag character length, Duplicate tags and are well optimised as per page content.

    • Index status

    It’s important to know that all the pages you want are indexed, so are included in your website. An index status report will be generated to ensure there are no pages missing and if there are any missing the reason is found and the problem corrected.

    At SUD the Gold Coast SEO experts, make sure checking, if pages are not reachable, due to server issues or if they were marked as no-follow no-index and will fix all such issues.

    • Crawl error

    A crawl error is when a search engine fails to reach an area or page of your website or part of the crawl is not successful. The main reason for this happening is that your pages are not configured correctly. When the Google bot finds a link to your website and starts to crawl it, usually, it will find all your public pages plus any links or backlinks that are attached to it.

    It‘s vital that a website developer has made it possible for the search engine bot to access all the pages on the site and all the links. If the crawler fails to do this it will likely return a notice of crawler errors.

    Crawler errors are divided into Site errors which prevent your whole site being crawled and URL errors that relate to a specific ULR error, but both need to be checked and rectified if faulty.

    At SUD the Gold Coast SEO experts, make sure of finding any such issues and fixing them.

    • Alt tags

    Alt tags or alt descriptions are tags attached to provide text for images (as yet the search engines can’t read images). This allows images to be included in SEO which is especially important for ecommerce.

    At SUD the Gold Coast SEO experts, we makes sure that images on your website were checked and appropriate alt text and description for the image was provided

    • Image size

    There is a big difference between file size and image size, although the size of an image can be a major factor in determining to size of a file that contains it.

    At SUD the Gold Coast SEO experts, will audit and reveal if the images sizes are optimum or need to be reduced further. Image size is one of the major causes for slow page load speed.

    • Call to action

    Almost all ecommerce sites include a variety of call to action prompts. These are of prime importance and are designed to encourage a used to take some form of action. They are placed in strategic places designed to give the best possible results. They all need to be checked and their design considered and possibly improved on, depending on the type of marketing campaign they are being used in

    At SUD the Gold Coast SEO experts, will analyse your page content and will accordingly suggest best placements for call to action to maximize your conversion from every landing page.

    • NAP Audit

    An NAP Audit is about local SEO, NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone Number. Having this done correctly is vital as this is often the life blood of many small local businesses, the main way they find new customers.

    This audit from our SEO Gold Coast team will ensure that the NAP on all webpages is configured properly and all local searches will easily find a given website via local searches

    • Anchor tags

    An HTML anchor tag is used to define both the beginning and the end of a hypertext link. A search engine will use this tag to find out the destination of the URL subject matter. The anchor text is what a user will click on during a search to find a target link

    At SUD the Gold Coast SEO expert’s team will make sure to optimise anchor tags properly for your website, so the page fetches maximum value.

    Content AuditContent Audit

    A content audit can be very beneficial because many websites are full of stuff that is not really relevant and is only slowing down the site’s loading as well as causing users to have to wade through it to find the information they require. The benefit of pruning away all the clutter can be very positive because it increases visibility and site traffic as well as SEO rankings if done properly.

    The audit will also show up any low content with a low performance level that is reducing the total quality of the site

    • Duplicate Content

    Duplicate content is when the content on a site appears in more than one location on the internet with one URL address. This can impact on search engine rankings. Even when they are only appreciably similar it can be difficult for search engines to make a decision on which version is the most relevant for a given search query. So instead of deciding between the duplicates, the content doesn’t get a search ranking.

    With This audit our Gold Coast SEO team will ensures that all your website content is original & unique

    • Content Structure

    The better the site structure the more likely you are to rank higher in the search engine results. This is primarily because it creates a greater user experience. The better the user experience the more likely the user is to stay on a given site and the more likely they are to return. Both the length of time visitors spend on a site and the amount of times they return are important factors in determining a sites search engine rankings. This is simply because the search engines see both and determine that the site must be good because of its high amount of long term and return visitors.

    Checking the overall structure of the site is therefore very important for both SEO and visitor numbers as Google uses information it gathers from searches to improve its algorithm

    • Keyword placement

    Keyword placement is about keywords are used in such a way as they sound natural and run in the flow of the content.

    Our expert gold coast team will access keyword placements for every landing page on your website and will advise the best possible implementation to improve the organic search results for the keywords.

    • Keyword prominence

    Keyword prominence is all about the presence of keywords in key areas, such as the title tag, headings, Sub headings, anchor tags, etc. It’s also very important that.

    It’s usual to use secondary keywords in some subtitles and throughout the text along with the main keyword or keyword phrases.

    Keyword Research

    Our expert SEO Gold Coast team will perform Keyword research for you to find out, if the keywords that you are targeting have substantial amount of organic traffic and are relevant to your business niche and the region you are targeting and will advise you with additional set of keywords that will help you in improving the organic traffic for your website.

    Additionally our digital marketing experts will create a list of related long tail keywords; those will be targeted through a scheduled content update in the blog section or by creating new landing pages with keywords in the URL.

    For example if you are a digital marketing company like us, then ours scheduled content update would include topics such as, Top 10 SEO activities to be followed in 2020,  Have you optimised your website for voice search in 2020 the next big thing. Will BERT have impact on your organic search results? What can be done do reduce the Impact of BERT. How to optimise for near me search terms such as SEO Expert Near me or Adwords/PPC expert near me and many more such topics that will drive quality traffic for your website through long tail keyword search.


    Backlinks are also called inbound links or incoming links; these are where one website links to another. Most of the major search engines consider that quality backlinks are, in fact, votes of confidence in a specific page or website. This translates to pages with high numbers of quality backlinks having high ranking from organic search engines.

    The backlink tells the search engine that the site that’s backlinking, considers the new site is useful, credible and valuable, so the more votes or backlinks the higher the possible ranking on the results pages.

    Google will then search that site through the backlink and determine its worth and if it affects the site or not.

    Google confirms that backlinks remain important search engine ranking factors, in fact, they are one of the top most critical factors after content quality and possibly loading speed and mobile compatibility.

    But not all backlinks are equal, 10 years ago, it was easy to buy backlinks to give a site a high ranking, but that will not work today. Just one high quality backlinks (one from a high ranking webpage) is worth more than 1000 low quality links.

    At SUD our Gold Coast SEO experts will analyse your backlinks and will generate a list of backlinks that might be harmful and advise a disavow.

    In the next step our expert will plan a path to obtain links from high authority and related niche website.

    How our SUD Gold Coast SEO team consider if a link is a high quality link for your site:

    Having one or more of these three traits

    1. Trait

    If you are a digital marketing expert then getting a mention from top SEO influencer such has Neil Patel, Backlinko, or website such as MOZ  can get you tons of traffic and recognition then Getting recommendation from a Doctor website, but in case if it’s a review of your SEO work that will also help you in getting more business.

    But these links are hard to get, you need to earn them, but if you can get them, they’re definitely worth the energy time and expense required to get them

    1. Trait

    Including in the link’s anchor text your targeted keyword

    But do not build backlinks with exact matched anchor text as this is called black hat link building and will get you penalized

    1. Trait

    Being topically related or having a very similar theme, a site about SEO should have quality links about digital marketing, SEO tips and PPC tips, and not about moon walking

    Local SEO

    Having your site and all your content compliant for Local SEO is becoming vital if you wish to have a viable business in the future. As more and more people start to rely on their mobile devices for gaining information about the world around them especially where to find the most appropriate and affordable products and services in their areas.

    Many people now use their mobile devices daily to search for directions, products, services and social services. When looking for a great hamburger, coffee, finding a special gift for a loved one or checking product reviews before you make a final decision on and where to make a purchase, mobile internet and local SEO has a tremendous impact and influence on an ever increasing number of consumers. It is now estimated that over 50 percent of all business is done using instantly downloaded information from the and with it becoming so much easier to gain access and information it will soon become the favored method of most people

    • NAP optimisation

    Name, Address and Phone number are important and they need to be optimised across all a business’s web content to avoid any possible conflict that would happen if the address is different in any directory service that is published on the net. Likewise, it is important that addresses are correct and that if more than one business is operated from one address that this is clearly spelt out by add a suffix such as number 12 A rather than having two businesses at number 12.

    For SUD NAP = Straight Up Digital Unit 2/31 Township Drive Burleigh Heads, QLD 4221, 1300 117 791, 0414 461 163

    • Google My Business Page

    My Business Page is a very important step for all business who wish to have a local internet presence, if you correctly optimise your SEO my business page strategy you greatly increase your chances of being included in Google Maps, Google’s Local finder, Local Pack and all the organic search engine rankings in general. It goes without saying that you need a high quality product or service to match your promotion, but if you become totally SEO compliant you have every reason to expect your business to succeed and grow. With a free GMB or Google My Business listing that includes all relevant contact information, business hours and the different payment methods a business accepts, suddenly a business becomes immediately accessible to their potential local market.

    Check out Straight UP Digital Google Business Page

    Benefits of Hiring a SEO Company Gold Coast for your business:

    No matter what your business model is, but if you want to be ahead of your competitor’s on the Gold Coast, you need to hire a specialist digital marketing agency Gold Coast that can help you in improving your ROI.

    When we say only hire a specialist SEO Company Gold Coast, we mean it, because at times Local Business on the Gold Coast hire Cheap SEO service considering low marketing budget, but in the long term these SEO Companies offering Cheap SEO services Gold Coast will for sure harm you in the long run. that might result in shutting down your dream of online business.


    Questions you need to ask from your SEO Company

    Marketing on the internet is no longer something most small to medium business owners can do themselves, simply because it’s getting so involved and complicated. SEO or search engine optimisation is not an exact art, it’s organic by nature and requires someone who is dedicated to SEO success, who is able to create for you an original integrated, holistic marketing strategy. Good SEO involves having high quality content aimed at providing good value to visitors based on keyword research on what visitors and potential customers require following the Google best practice policies, with measurable results.

    Questions you need to ask from your SEO CompanyFinding the right SEO company is imperative for your business survival and ability to grow and prosper. To know which questions to ask a prospective SEO company gold coast, to find out if they’re suitable for you and if they have the competence to provide the results you require follow this guide.  A good SEO company must be able to answer these questions for you!

    1. What SEO philosophy or approach would you take to get results for my company?

    You need them to provide an answer that covers the three main aspects of SEO

    Technical SEO

    They would need to do a complete review of your website and content, to determine how well site engines can access your site, including structure, page loading speed, backlinks, mobile and local optomisation along with other associated tasks.

    User experience

    This includes ease of use, keyword optimisation, site navigation and presentation

    Off-page SEO

    This includes accessing how to improve your site by revamping existing content, creating new content as well as developing SEO based campaigns to strengthen your branding

    If they imply they only cover one of these areas such as link building or simple research, then they are probably not able to help you

    1. How will they use the strategies they have talked about to help promote your business?

    What you’re interested in is the way they answer the questions and to see if they really understand what there’re talking about

    1. What Metrics really define success for you?

    This like the last question is a bit of a trick question as the real answer should be that they will use your own business plan and business goals to make a success of your business. They may say they want to reach certain goals, but it should all be based on your goals, although they can help you define them

    1. What time frame can they give to see results?

    As a rule it takes time for SEO to produce results, but it largely depends on the state of your website and the type of industry. Implementing local SEO can happen more quickly because it relates directly to a small selection of specifically targeted people, for example, Best hamburgers in Main Street, Byron Bay will only attract those in Byron Bay looking for hamburgers. In general, it’s unlikely you’ll see significant results for about six months. Those who promise you fast results are usually trying something shady and best avoided

    1. Are they able to give examples of some similar past clients and the results of your assistance to them?

    A reputable SEO company should be able to show some detail of a few of their clients they have assisted and the results they have achieved for them. If they are not able to or willing it would suggest they either have not been in business long or are unable to keep clients, which is a bit of a warning sign to be wary. Just ask them who they have been working the longest for!

    1. Ask how they deal with mobile applications

    It’s important that any SEO company understands and is on top of mobile optimisation as this is part of Googles new mobile first index strategy and that they can give your site a mobile audit

    1. How do they conduct keyword research?

    Keyword research requires a good understanding of what potential customers are looking for and provides content for ideas based on the intent behind keywords

    1. What do you understand about influence marketing and link-building?

    One high quality link is much more valuable than many low quality links, a good link is earned by providing high quality, useful and valuable content people want to link to in other words, relationship building

    1. Which tools do they use and why?

    It’s not important which tools they use, it’s how they use them and why that makes the difference.

    Tools can conduct audits and monitor usage and visitor information

    There are many companies who offer SEO expertise and never provide. It’s vital to get an SEO team that can show they can give you the right results. The only real way they can do that is by showing what they have done consistently for others through testimonials introductions and references from long-standing clients.

    What are Google Algorithms?

    Before Google launched its algorithms there were digital marketing experts who learned & excelled the art of manipulating Google search results by various techniques, that made it possible to rank website with no related information or low quality information, to rank high on search engine result page, this decreased the quality of search results on Google, to tackle such issues Google Started creating filters or Google Algorithms that were capable of removing bad quality results for the searchers, this improved user experience and searchers now can reach the best possible website that hold the exact information they are searching for.

    Earlier Google use to update these algorithms yearly, but now every now and then there is a Google algorithm update, some are noticeable and other go unnoticed.

    The Major Google algorithm updates

    Google makes the rules and defines just what the algorithms are. They have many updates, almost on a daily basis, some are just small corrections that really have little effect on anyone. Others can have a major impact on a variety of websites and web designs. Google is firmly committed to giving their uses the very best possible experience possible.



    Panda’s purpose was to reward all the high quality websites, those that were providing interesting, relevant, valuable content by giving them a higher ranking in search engine results. At the same time it downgrades all the low quality and shady websites that were filling the search engine result pages with spammy and low grade content

    Launch date

    Panda was launched on 24th February 2011 as a filter mechanism, but in January 2016 it was incorporated into the Google core algorithm. It’s now being continually updated to improve its efficiency.


    It’s designed to stop plagiarism, the duplication of content on websites, keyword stuffing spamming and the use of thin or irrelevant content.

    How it works

    The search engine bots constantly crawl all net content and give a score based on the content it finds for originality, relevancy and the quality of the content.

    How to adjust

    Out team of expert SEO Gold Coast analyse your website for thin or irrelevant content, duplication and keyword stuffing. Make sure your site is regularly updated and anything obsolete or out of date is removed or revamped.



    Penguin is designed to enhance the overall value of search results by introducing measures to reduce or prevent such issues as spam, keyword stuffing, the use of invisible text and the duplication of copyrated and other unoriginal content.

    Launch Date

    Penguin was launched on 24th April 2012 and made part of the Google core algorithm in 2016


    It’s designed to find low quality links irrelevant or broken spammy type links as well as anchor text that’s over optimised.

    How it works

    Penguin works in real time to find links that are manipulative or not authentic and down ranks those sites

    How to adjust

    Our Gold Coast SEO team closely monitor your links and backlinks and check any that you gain unexpectedly. Try using SEO SpyGlass a tool for checking backlinks and their profiles. Remove links that don’t go to quality, relevant sites.



    Hummingbird is designed to place an emphasis on queries based, natural language, it tends to consider the whole text rather than just concentrate on individual key words. Its objective is to search websites to discern the deeper meaning of content on individual pages so searches are directed to the most appropriates areas of the content in regard to their search queries, rather that just arriving on a website homepage because of keywords and the encouragement of new types of web technical developments in onsite navigation.

    Launch date

    Hummingbird was launched on 22th August 2013


    It’s all about detecting or finding low quality content that just stuffed with keywords but does not offer any real value to searchers.

    How it works

    It assists Google search engines to interpret search queries by using natural language processing techniques with latent semantic indexing and synonyms so pages can rank for queries even if the search words do not match.

    How to adjust

    Our Specialust seo Gold Coast team use tools like Rank Tracker and Google Autocomplete to find keywords that focus on concepts and not only keyword or keyword phrases as well as co-occurring terms.



    This update uses artificial machine learning to allow search engines to look for the most relevant results for a given quivery based on searchers past searches, activities, their location, personalisation and their wording of the search to try and determine the true intent of the searcher to deliver results that are more relevant.

    Launch date

    RankBrain was launched on 26th October 2015


    This is designed to weed out content that is not really relevant to query’s and full of shallow or unoriginal content

    How it works

    Google suggests this is its third most important factor in determining rankings. It tends to identify the relevancy of content in regard to given queries.

    How to adjust

    The best way is to ensure your content is compliant is to optimise all your content for comprehensiveness and relevancy. Our Expet SEO Gold Coast team remove all clutter and things that are irrelevant.



    This update is designed to increase the rankings of local listings in regard to Google Maps as well as searcher’s results that can be found in the local listings available of a user’s location and local directory listings.

    Launch date

    Pigeon was launched on 24th July 2014 in the US and on 22 December in Australia Canada and the UK


    This is all about poor SEO, both on and off page

    How it works

    This is all about location searches, it’s designed to create closer ties between the core and local algorithm searches.

    How to adjust

    Our Gold Coast SEO team ensure you are listed with relevant business directories as this provides quality backlinks. Focus on quality content and ensure your contact information is the same everywhere. Your Check content optimisation with the WebSite Auditor tool


    Fred is designed to combat websites designed primarily as revenue sources for their owners, that provide little value to users, don’t solve user’s problems and have large amounts of advertising while containing mainly low value content.

    Launch date

    Fred was launched on 8th March 2017


    Fred looks for sites that are mainly low on quality content, heavy with affiliate advertising and are just ad centered

    How it works

    Fred is designed to target sites that do not follow Googles webmaster guidelines, especially sites that are created for generating advertising revenue. These are usually blogs composed of low quality content.

    How to adjust

    The best way our SEO Gold Coast specialist team handles it bny following Google Search Quality Guidelines when creating blogs or other sites. Only use high quality ads that are relevant to your site or products and disclose what they are on your site. Ads are totally alright as long as they are legitimate.

    Intrusive Interstitials Update

    Intrusive Interstitials Update

    This update is designed to penalize websites by reducing their rankings if they aren’t mobile friendly. It also targets sites using popups to cover their content after making a search, making it difficult for users to access the main content or having a standalone interstitial that has to be removed to access the content.

    Launch date

    The intrusive Interstitials update was introduced on 10th January 2017


    To stop intrusive banners, popup ads and overlays which detract from the user experience and can be a problem on mobile devices with small screens?

    How it works

    It detects and stops annoying advertising, especially standalone interstitial displays that have to be removed to access the main content

    How to adjust

    Our seo gold coast team only follows the Google good practice policies


    Mobilegeddon is designed to give priority to mobile friendly sites, those designed to display well on mobile devices and smart phones, but it doesn’t affect laptops or desktop computers.

    Launch date

    Mobilegeddon was launched on 21st April 2015


    Poor or lacking mobile usability or provision

    How it works

    It ensures that pages that are mobile friendly rank highly while non-optimised pages are down ranked.

    How to adjust

    Our SEO Gold Coast team ensure your pages are mobile optimised as well as focused on usability and speed



    This update is designed to target, tidy and clean up spammy types of queries commonly associated with the more shady industries such as porn, casinos, pharmaceuticals, debt collectors, insurance and mortgage brokers etc.

    Launch date

    Payday was launched on 11th June 2013


    Payday is designed to detect and clean up pornographic and spammy or spammed queries

    How it works

    It detects queries that are associated with shady industries such as casinos, high interest loans and porn

    How to adjust

    Our seo gold coast team keeps your site authentic and follow Google best practice policies

    EMD (Exact Match Domain)

    This update is designed to target sites that have domain names that match popular keyword phrases, but have poor quality content and use spammy content to trick searchers, give very little value and are designed to make money for the site owners.

    Launch date

    EMD was launched in September 2012


    Prevents poor quality sites ranking highly just because they match the search terms in their domain names

    How it works

    The search engines filter all websites for relevant content

    How to adjust

    Our team of expert seo gold coast ensure your site contains only content that of high quality, is relevant to the search terms and provides value to users

    Page Layout Algorithm

    This update targets websites that have a large amount of ads above the fold, forcing users to scroll down to find the content they require although it affects less than 1% of websites it forces designers to build better sites created for user experience.

    Launch date

    January 19, 2012


    Targets websites that contain lots of advertisements above the fold, making it hard to find the content

    How it works

    Searches webpages for ease of readability and lack of obstructive advertisements

    How to adjust

    Create a better web design with less ads

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