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Uncover your potential with search engine optimisation (SEO). Is your business’ website not pulling as much traffic as you had hoped? Chances are your business is being lost in a sea of your competitors. On average there is 40,000 search queries every second through Google alone, with hundreds of thousands results for every search. Realistically how many people do you think are finding your website? Organic Search is a leading enquiring system for many businesses. Simply hosting a website isn’t enough anymore to be seen in Google. In a digital space, ranking on the first page of searches is imperative for your business’ success. Imagine in 6 months being able to say your business enquires have raised by 50%, and that you have made it on the first page of google in organic search. What about being able to say that you have more time in the day because of a strong marketing strategy that helps your customers find you with ease? That’s what a SEO strategy can do for your business. Take charge of your conversion, open the digital door to opportunities for your customers to discover you. Live your dream, have balance in your work, let your customers come to you, and do more of what you love in return.

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    SEO Gold Coast
    SEO is an essential digital marketing strategy for any business that wants reap long-term benefits for their website. Here at Straight Up Digital we specialise in SEO services and ensuring you get to the top of google. We focus on lasting results and dominating your competitors. Being a SEO Gold Coast based company, we have over a decade of experience in representing SEO clients across all industries to achieve first page results. Delivering a full-service, our digital marketing services all work in favor of your SEO goals. The difference in traffic from even the top of the first search page to the bottom is extensive, and then drops rapidly continuing to the second, third fourth and so on. If your customers can’t find you with ease, you don’t really exist. An online visible presence is necessary to turn casual browsing into quality leads.

    Search Engine Optimisation is a detailed and complicated service, it can be confusing and hard to navigate. Think of SEO like a gym, a brand-new website is your membership. You’ve paid for it, but unless you put in the work consistently, and track your progress, you aren’t going to achieve your goals. The gym is a long-term lifestyle commitment. Sure, crash dieting works in the short-term, but in a years’ time will it have meant anything? Search Engine Optimisation is essentially the same philosophy. Why treat your business any different? Why waste a year of business on band aid solutions? SEO is the strengthening of your website and digital presence. Our SEO services are your businesses digital marketing trainer, and we are here to get your business to its strongest ranking possible. Search Engine Optimisation is an investment in your future and our Gold Coast team can build you up to reach your goals.

    SEO is an organic form of traffic; this means that it is not fueled by advertisements. Your SEO ranking can not be bought, but rather achieved. Its benefits are boundless when executed correctly and updated regularly. Straight Up Digital takes a realistic and authentic approach to all your marketing needs and is no different with SEO being one of our highest sought-after services. Results is our focus by any means! Your success is our success and building your business to its strongest form, is where we excel. Unlike our competitors all our services are SEO friendly and plug back into your search engine rankings to support your business. When you choose Straight Up Digital, you are choosing a comprehensive service that is guaranteed to see an escalation in conversion, no matter the business. No matter your goals, whether it is to increase traffic, increase sales, increase enquiries, or simply increase your ranking, our SEO experts can deliver high quality performance driven results. We will build your business to its fittest and strongest version.

    Other SEO companies will promise “sky rocketing” results, but the truth is SEO is an investment in your future. Without a thorough and strong SEO strategy, fast returning results dissolve just as fast as their incoming. Just like that gym membership, it requires work and time, but the results are life-changing! Revive your business with a healthy and strong approach to your marketing. Our SEO strategy promises regular reporting, monitoring and consistency in your results! With your business’ future and growth in mind we can create a strategy that will transform the way your business will operate. Your Google ranking builds trust with your customers and immense credibility in your industry. Consistency is key to upholding that relationship with your clients and status in your industry. Be the competition, instead of chasing the competition. Set the standard within your industry.

    Key Words/ Key Word Phrases

    Your SEO is determined fundamentally on keywords. Helping you identify your keywords that your business would like to rank for is essential for optimal results. Our proven systems identify these keywords for you, sourcing specific and relevant keywords or keyword phrases to start the process of getting your business to the top google.

    For small businesses, the keywords can revolve around your geographical demographic. Competing with national or international competitors in the industry will be difficult to break through the barrier to the top of google. So, creating local keyword phrases will generate a higher visibility and will drive traffic in your local area to your business. Being targeted is a key in any marketing strategy, and SEO is no different. The more targeted the keywords you rank for, the higher probability of quality results. This targeted organic traffic will pull highly motivated and quality leads to your business.

    Gold Coast Experts SEO Process


    As we always say, ‘Content is King.’ The content of your website goes a long way towards your SEO ranking. The type of content being displayed on your website is highly influential for your positioning in google algorithms. A content strategy is key to building your business to its strongest digital presence possible.

    Our website designer creates SEO friendly websites, and we can help you identify that content that will generate real, authentic results. Quality content not only will aid your SEO but also your website in general and build authority in your website. The layout and aesthetic look for your website, is important but it will not generate traffic. The more valuable content you have on your website, the more people can identify with your website through organic search terms. SEO is imperative to get customers through the sales funnel and to start benefitting your business.

    Google My Business:

    A Google My Business Account is imperative to your business’s local future growth. Once your clients find you on Google, they need to find you locally. Building up your rankings is the first step and making sure your Google My Business Account is accurate will drive customers to you. Keeping details like your opening hours, phone number and business address is the key to converting your local customers. For example, for a Gold Coast based company, like ourselves, having your suburb and address updated is key to driving surrounding areas to your business and have more clients walking through your door. Make sure those motivated customers can find you with ease, otherwise you are leaving large gaps in your SEO strategy. Contact us today to get your business to it’s strongest self.