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What is Social Media Marketing?

In broad terms, Social Media Marketing or SMM is the process people use to gain traffic and sales through the use of Social Media Sites.

Social Media is its self a broad term that is used to describe all the sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Printest, Linkedin, Myspace, YouTube and many other sites where people get involved and share information and their stories, photos and ideas. Social Media allows people to interact on a personal and instant level, but at the same time remain isolated and secure. It is, in fact, the new face of marketing and is expected to take over from the more conventional and conservative forms of marketing and advertising as it continues to expand and grow.

Today there are over 2 billion people using social media each day with another 1 million plus people joining up to different social media networks worldwide each day. Of the estimated 4 billion internet users (that is, over half the world’s population) the vast majority are using mobile phones or other handheld devices. So social media and SMM are both here to stay.

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Many newspapers and magazines that had been facing a bleak future have now started their own web based social media sites and publications to meet the new challenges of the digital world as peoples preferences turn to the new digital age.

For some people using Social Media is a way of building a network of personal contacts to glean new information as well as performing searches to find other people’s views and recommendation on a whole spectrum of products and services.

SMM is internet marketing that utilizes as a marketing tool for all the different social networking websites and applications on a personal level. It goes about doing this by providing interesting and informative information and content that other users on their as well as other social network or social media sites will happily share with other people. This content helps to spread the word about your branding or business and personal content and gives your brand the maximum amount of exposure possible as well as giving you a broader customer reach.

Social Media Optimization or SMO is one of the major components of SMM like SEO or search engine optimization, it is a strategy that is used to introduce a particular webpage or website to new and often unique visitors

SMO can be done in several ways, such as adding social media links to existing content, creating new content, using web based auto content opted in feeders. These apps have the ability to allow users to get related content sent directly to their computers or mobile devices as soon as it has been published. Share buttons are another very popular way of adding and distributing SMO.

One of the other ways SMO works is by promoting different activities through social media, by updating and answering, subscribing to or following sites, tweets or blogs as well as using tabs and both front-links and backlinks.

In response to the huge popularity of social media, The Federal Trade Commission has been prompted to issue guidelines and update its rules for SMM use in social media. Now if a company, individual or agency provides a blogger or anyone using social media with free products or other incentives to provide a positive environment or “buzz” for a product or service they will legally be required to disclose this fact in a clear and conspicuous way on the social media as well as making sure they are not providing misleading or unsubstantiated statements regarding deceptive advertising.

How Social Media Marketing Can help your business

Social Media Marketing is a continually evolving field and can be an enormous help for all types of business and services large and small. This is because of the huge potential for interacting with individuals on a one on one basis over social media. There is also plenty of room for different organisations to interact with one another and build relationships and communities online.

Companies joining online social networks can interact with individuals, there directly in a quick and easy, hassle free and personal way that is not possible with the different types of traditional marketing like TV, radio and newspapers.

Social media spreads content by way of “word of mouth” or more accurately “e-word of mouth” with a powerful voice and a very long reach.

Many large businesses now have Social Media expert departments with people whose job is to actively develop the companies influence in all types of social media networks for direct social media marketing.

Social network sites actively encourage their virtual communities and individuals to express their demands, needs, wants, desires and values. Social media marketing can then connect these potential consumers and customers with business and organizations that share the same or very similar needs, wants, desires and values.

This puts an astute business owner right there in front of a range of customers who are already primed and set to buy the products or services your company is offering. It is very important to understand that these customers are there because they have placed themselves there, so are ready to do business.

Social media websites love their followers to “retweet”,” repost”, like and share comments from others as well as make new comments about all manner of topics and products that are being promoted, whether the comments are good or bad negative or positive.

These comments can be repeated many times and even “go viral” reaching a huge amount of people who are all prospective customers. Because these comments and the information they contain about a product or service is being placed there by people who are interested in it, there tends to be a roll on effect. This results in more and more traffic visiting your website for you to convert to sales and build your business.

By using social media and having a high level of personal interaction with people, it can instill feelings of loyalty to your branding within the communities that are built around different social media sites.

A Social Media expert who is working on your behalf can bring a whole world of new business to you in a very short time. This is because the internet is almost instant, things can happen very quickly and there are millions (over 4 Billion) people active on the net at any one time. All of these people are all looking for something, a service, a product or entertainment and those that can provide what people are looking for, are going to be at the head of tomorrow’s future.

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Now, instead of a person having to search multiple sites to find new content that you are interested in or a particular product, a user can just skim the summaries to find the site they wish to visit quickly to get the full version of what interests them.

By using a social media expert your time is freed up. You don’t have to spend your time studying and relearning all the tricks of SMM. You can get on with all the parts of your business that you do best and concentrate or making sure your products or services are of the highest quality and are in fact what your customers are looking for.

You will always find that there are many people looking for a bargain and maybe these are not the customers you should be looking for. The world is full of many products that fall short of expectations, so are offered at a bargain price. Unless that is your business, offering bargain basement products (which is a great business in its own right).

Many people expect to pay a premium price for the best products and services. If this is all you are offering then you and your branding will quickly become known for quality and service. There are many people if you can locate them who are more willing to purchase quality more customers than most businesses could cope with.

Imagine if you could treble, quadruple or increase your business by 10 fold, just how profitable it would be. By using a good social media expert as part of your business plan this is not a pipe dream but a reality. The people are out there looking, so you need the means to allow them TO FIND YOU and this is what a good social media expert will do for your business, they will put you and your business on the map and in front of your potential customers.

A social media expert has you covered with SEO and SMO so you are optimized across the internet board, then it is up to you to ensure you can deliver on the promise of the best product or service you can.

Why should you hire a Local Social media Gold Coast Expert?

It is all very well being able to tell everyone in Florida, The USA that you sell the best burgers or pizza in The Gold Coast, but so what. You may be able to give the best service in your industry here in Queensland, and yes, someone in China may be interested, but they will not very likely be able to avail your services unless of course you are offering them a digital product in which case you have the best of both worlds and everything here still applies.

For those living in The Gold Coast, a Local Gold Coast Social media expert is someone your business needs if you want to be at the top of your field and stay ahead of the opposition. People love a local hero, especially someone who is giving them a valuable high quality service or products.

There are several strategies you need to adopt that can help you on a local level with SMM. Social media can be a useful tool for finding out about local marketing information and just what people want. The different social platforms in social media are places where individuals and groups share their views, reviews and recommendations of products brand and services. Benefit by allowing your business to tap into this extremely valuable, but virtually free resource. This source of information would have cost thousands of dollars a few years ago because you would have had to go through a number of different surveys and interviews involving hundreds of people to get a sample of people’s views that would be out of date by the time you analyzed them.

Now you can quickly and efficiently get up to the minute information on people’s preferences, wants and needs. Information which in most cases has already been analyzed for you by the social media sites you got it from. Information from your own potential customers that come from your local area that needs to be interpreted by a social media expert. You can then find out exactly what your customers want and what they need right now, so you will be able to supply them straight away.

Such opportunities have never been available before to any merchant. But what is of equal importance you can also find out what your customers do not like and what they do not want, you have an opportunity to remove all the negative aspects that customers do not like from your business or service. This means you can provide a service or product to your customers that they are going to be completely happy with and this means more business and more profits as they get on social media and tell the world.

By utilizing local social media, you can see just where your business is going because you can see just what our customers are saying, the good, the bad and the ugly and then do something about it.

Social media is a very powerful tool if used correctly by someone who understands it and just how to use it to your advantage. There is nothing magical about it, but it is a field that is constantly changing and evolving, the internet is organic. The things that worked well last year or even last month may not work now or tomorrow and quite possibly they could now be detrimental to your business and reputation.

Social Media in The Gold Coast is just as active as anywhere else in the world, it can not only be used for public relations and direct marketing, but someone who is directing your business promotional campaign would also use it for channeling communications to very selected targeted audiences using SEO and applications like AdSense.

Many celebrities now use social media to endorse products that they get paid for. Not so long ago people would have to travel to see them and their products, but now everything is a click away and it is just the same for local events and promotions around the Gold Coast. People are always looking for things closer to home and social media can bring to their attention all the things in the local area they would have missed otherwise.

One huge advantage of social media is the fact that it is proactive and uses engagement to involve everyone. People become active participants instead of passive viewers and can make or break a business through positive or negative criticism of your products or services.

For a business to grow, a strategy of proactive, positive regular posting of high quality content and conversations along with sharing other people’s relevant quality content is needed to give your brand and business a good healthy presence.

Couple this with a reactive and a conversational response to all social media uses that reach out to you via social media by way of direct or indirect comments, messaging and reviews, to encourage as much positive web presence as possible.

One for sure is a good website with active social media and a professional local social media expert company playing an active role in your business is the best possible way to ensure that your business will grow and prosper in the new age to Social Media It is hard to believe that their cost would be a fraction of the cost of a traditional multimedia campaign using radio, TV and billboards. Check out our SMM-packages or fill out the form to the right and we will contact you.

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