We Are Authentic.

We are Dependable.

We are Result Focused.

Welcome to Straight Up Digital, a customer centric, full-service digital marketing agency, based on the sunny Gold Coast. Digital Marketing is constantly changing and growing and so are we. As our clients and the industry take new heights, we change and adapt with them. We believe that businesses should never compromise on their brand to suit their marketing agency.

At Straight Up Digital we do not hide behind buzz words. We are invested in our clients and like our name suggests, we will be honest and authentic in pushing our clients through to every milestone and achievement. You can trust us to tell you the hard truths, to ensure you get the value your business deserves. From functional websites to innovative video marketing and everything in between, we believe in customer centric and customisable marketing. Our in-house and authentic approach to our clients is what sets us apart. We are the marketing team that will be straight up with you, we will celebrate your wins, we will give you the guidance you need and will be your business’ support network through the entire process.

Our History

With over 10 years of experience in the digital marketing field, we have continued to grow into the company we are today. Starting with our founder Chris Bindley and his laptop in 2010 Straight Up Digital is vastly different to what it was then. In a few short years Straight Up Digital exploded, SEO clients started seeing the long-term effects of our work.

Now with our headquarters on Township Drive, Burleigh Heads we have flourished into a total team of 22 that is continuing to build. Starting as a SEO marketing agency, we have learnt all the dos and don’ts in website design and search engine optimisation. We now specialise in not only SEO and web design, but now social media marketing, paid advertising and video marketing. Our rapid growth has never and will never compromise our tailored approach to the digital world. Our clients are real people, and so are we, why should the way we run marketing campaigns be any different?

Meet Our Gold Coast Team

We are a diverse team, with a skill set expanding over all areas of digital marketing.
Each and every one of these individuals, makes Straight Up Digital unique. We are Straight Up Digital. We can’t wait to meet you.


Chris is the Founder and Owner of Straight Up Digital. Years of blood, sweat and tears have seen him build Straight Up Digital from the ground up. A leader that the whole team can look to for inspiration when required, but one that is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Years of knowledge and experience across all facets of digital marketing make Chris not only a vital cog for the Straight Up team but, the ace up the sleeve for our clients. His positive energy fills any room he walks into and is the reason this company is standing today. You can be assured that with Chris at the head of Straight Up Digital you will not be disappointed.


When you need something done, Miriah is your go-to and as Head of Operations, she is the engine behind the scenes driving Straight Up Digital. Lucky that she has an endless amount of energy because she needs it. Overseeing the business from an operational level is no mean feat, keeping our creative, social media, web and content teams running smoothly to ensure that we meet all our client’s deadlines.


Capturing the tone of voice of a company is one of Matt’s superpowers and what sets Straight Up Digital apart from the rest. With years of experience having run several of his own businesses, as well as writing for major advertising clients, he brings some much-needed balance to an office full of big personalities with his relaxed attitude and timely humour. Matt runs our Podcasts, coordinates the content team and also manages many of our client relationships.


Jorja has been with Straight Up since finishing high school, and her natural skills for marketing have allowed her to work her way up from Team Junior to an all-around marketing specialist in a very short time! Jorja loves learning about our clients’ various industries and uses her skills on a variety of projects, from graphic design to social media and a little bit of everything in between. The sky is the limit for this girl, and she continues to impress us every day!

Liv img


Liv is our ray of sunshine! Her infectious smile and eagerness to learn makes her an amazing addition to our Straight Up family. Liv’s natural talent behind the camera allows her to capture our clients’ essence through videography and photography. When Liv isn’t at work you will probably find her down at the beach surfing or soaking up the sun. She loves art and all things creative and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her!


Sophie’s inquisitive nature and critical thinking skills keep our whole team on their toes in the best possible way! Soph helps us stay organised, assisting the rest of the team with task management and day-to-day operations. We love her outgoing nature, high energy and willingness to give anything a go!


Our Clients

Let's Work Together!

We are based on the Gold Coast 
Our clients are all over the world.

Our Company is dedicated to being Straight Up and Transparent in all that we do. We take the time to explain the mysteries of online marketing and show how your website can be harnessed as your most valuable employee!

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