Anyone in any form of internet marketing, needs a website and wants their site to attract as much high quality traffic as possible, SEO on the Gold Coast is vital to your success.

As most people know, there are two ways of attracting traffic, you can pay for advertising to get your site near to the top of the of the search page listings which can be very expensive and does not impress many searches as they know you have paid to be there. Or you can go the organic route and create high quality content and follow the Google Best Practices, Policies to ensure your site and all your content ranks highly in search engine results.

Google has repeatedly stated that their main emphasis is on giving their uses the best possible experience when using their search engines to find information. To this end, they have used their algorithms to read and search all content and rank them on the elements they find on sites such as accuracy, authenticity, clarity, ease of navigation, site speed, originality, keyword use and the numbers of quality visitors your site receives.

They also have the ability to penalize your site by lowering its overall ranking score or even removing it from the rankings altogether for a range of issues that can add up and affect your ranking. These issues include a whole range of things such as grammatical and spelling errors, sloppy editing, plagiarism, irrelevant content, content that’s not original and the numbers of visitors who quickly bounce off your site. In fact, Google on average makes two updates a day to their algorithms, many of these are minor and will not affect most quality sites, they are intended to weed out the spammy and low grade sites that are designed to trick Google into increasing their rankings, but don’t offer quality content.

These search engine algorithm changes have the potential of affecting your overall search ranking and internet visibility and therefore your profitability. Unfortunately, Google does not notify sites of the changes they make, instead, they rely on you being totally compliant at all times making SEO on the Gold Coast challenging to say the least.

Keeping Up to Date

Keeping up to date with all the constantly evolving changes of SEO requires a webmaster to constantly track what’s going on and how it affects your site and your visitors, some changes will be to your advantage while others may not and most will have little effect.

Keeping up to date and knowing just how the Google algorithm’s are affecting your site(s) is a time consuming job. The team at SEO Services on The Gold Coast at Straight UP Digital, keep their finger on the pulse of SEO developments and monitor every change. Having them monitor and oversee your website means they will ensure your site is compliant and up to date with all algorithm changes and requirements giving your site and internet marketing venture the leading edge over our competitors.

It‘s very important to monitor a website to see the effects of algorithm changes so the right strategy can be implemented, at SEO Services on The Gold Coast we have you covered for all changes and updates of the Google Algorithms to keep your site place highly in the search engine rankings and local SEO.