Digital marketing began as a bit of a novelty and considered not very important by most businesses and the general public. In the new era of social media, this has all changed. With the vast majority of people using the internet to find information, products and services if your business is not involved in digital marketing and your content properly SEO on the Gold Coast, are likely to be losing customers and sales.

But it’s not enough just to have a web presence; you need to have a first class, integrated marketing strategy that is fully optimised and focused. As the internet becomes more intertwined in our everyday lives, it becomes clear just why it’s so important for your business to have a great web presence.

These are some of the reasons why digital marketing is so important for your business to grow and thrive.

It’s Where the People, Your Customers Are

The vast majority of people are on the internet daily and it’s a much preferred place to find news and information. It’s estimated that over a third of people using the internet are actively looking for familiar branded products.

With social media being integrated into all aspects of our lives from school work and study to finding recipes and hearing the latest news both localized and international, people are becoming reliant on the internet

It Levels the Playing Field

Shopping malls and mega-stores have decimated many small business enterprises and specialty shops because they could not compete. The small local coffee shop and café had almost disappeared until digital marketing arrived and was enthusiastically accepted by everyday people.

Huge sites like Amazon completely dominated online trading for years, but now with the right digital marketing smaller businesses and individual website are able to compete on an even footing and gain a higher ranking that many of the huge multinational companies.

Talk with your local SEO Company on the Gold Coast to find out how you can do this for your business and web content. You can compete with a much lower budget than with any other form of marketing.

Totally Targeted

Unlike Magazine, TV or radio advertising you can try and broadly target your audience, but only a very small percentage of those people will notice or act on your efforts.

With Search engine and digital marketing the tables are turned and your customers come to you because they are looking for you, your product or service. With digital marketing, it’s about targeting people by giving them specifically what they’re searching for and showing why your brand is the best option for them


Most online users and shoppers are looking for a personilised service where they feel they have a sense of control and their individual requirements and needs are being catered for. People generally like the personal interaction they can get while shopping online and a high level of customer service.              

Digital marketing works because your customers are actively seeking you, your company, products and a high level of customer service.

The key to being successful in today’s exciting new era of digital marketing is to provide the best SEO possible on the Gold Coast to attract new web visitors and boost your sales.