Many business websites might just as well not exist. Their owners have tried every method, but the visitors just don’t arrive. The web is full of content “Guaranteed to increase your traffic flow”, some are old stuff that worked last year and some of it is new, but really not actionable, most of it focuses on the wrong metrics or wishful thinking.

As your local SEO on The Gold Coast will tell you, there is only one realistic way to go about increasing your traffic and that is by following the Google good practice guidelines. Sounds simple, but it’s a lot of work, it takes time and skill. You need to pay attention to content detail and keep up to date with and implement the latest Google advice.

  1. Optimise Your Web Content

Your content must be original, interesting, factual (unless it’s satire and meant to be fictional), concise and give value for money. It also needs to be short and to the point, without any fillers and give outstanding value for the time people spend with you.

Viewers love 

  • “How to and can do”
  • “X things or people are doing this”
  • “How to start x, even without capital”
  • You need to create curiosity
  • You need to instill a sense of urgency
  • You should trigger emotional feelings in your readers
  • You must give the feeling you can answer their questions or solve their problems
  • Occasionally use alliteration
  • Always use power words
  • Remain positive or show the positive side of anything negative
  • Always make the value you’re offering readers as clear and obvious as possible
  1. Analytics

Use Google Analytics or your favourite visitor tracking app to find all the information about your visitors, especially;

  • The number of unique visitors or users you have
  • Your page views
  • Time visitors spend and your pages they visit
  • The average time spent on your site and the bounce rate
  • Where your traffic comes from, IE direct referral, web search or social media
  1. The effective Use of Social Media

As soon as you have set up your proactive website, begin driving traffic to it by placing enticing content on all relevant social media sites

  1. Guest blogging, Content Outreach

When you have a niche that others are interested in, seek out others who are doing the same or similar to you and add value to their sites, blogs and postings. Reply to everything in a positive, helpful and interesting way. Your job is to interest them in your site and keep them interested

  1. Find a System that Allows You To Get Recurring Traffic

Make your site somewhere people love to visit

  • If you sell beachwear, give a running tide and surf report
  • If you sell sports goods, give live sports results
  • If your an auto repair shop, give live traffic reports

The best way to increase your traffic is to provide exceptional value to your visitors and give them a good reason to engage with your site. Once they trust you and like your brand they are more likely to buy so talk with your SEO Company on The Gold Coast.