Social media on The Gold Coast is playing a major role in many people’s business because they realise the huge benefits of having a positive presence there.

These are five impacts social media can have on your business, so should be considered:

  1. Enhanced Brand Recognition

The more frequently a brand or person shows up on social media the more credibility and recognition they gain for themselves, their brand and company.

If you or your brand comes up often on social media in association with your products or services, then you’re more likely to be recognised as an authority in your Industry. This type of publicity would be extremely expensive if you were trying to buy it. Social media sites are largely free, but have paid advertising

2. Increased Public Trust In You

When you place some interesting original and highly valuable, information packed content on social media on The Gold Coast and it’s picked up by your intended audience and other influencers in your industry you’re starting to leverage the goodwill of others to promote your brand. When others share your content it starts to create the type of trust in an internet business that’s required for ultimate success

3. A Competitive Advantage in New Conversions

Most of your potential customers will do an internet check to find the best supplier of the product or service they require. It does not take long before they narrow down their choices to several of the best looking suppliers. Often they will look at social media profiles and compare social media presences before making a final decision. If you have a strong social media presence on The Gold Coast and your competitor has a weak presence, your potential customer is likely to go with your business

4. Faster Decisions and Greater Amount of Action

Social media is fast and effective because people love to share value when they find it. Whether your content is informative or entertaining, if people are getting perceived value from visiting your social media sites then you are building your credibility and their trust in you.

This is the key to having them decide to become your customer and take further action such as visiting your business or placing an online order

5. More Customers and More Cash

Social media is a great way to alert potential customers to your brand using the soft sales method. It’s fast and very cost effective. It works for people who are actively searching for a particular product as well as those who are just surfing or internet window shopping.

Many of the results from social media come after people have seen your repeated presence and then remember you later when they require your type of service or product.  Social media can be a great natural sale’s funnel sending people directly to your website, people who are already familiar with your brand and or company so are more likely to buy now The impact of social media on The Gold Coast for local businesses is huge; people now use social media to find out about other people’s experiences with different businesses and services in their local area. Having an active and positive local social media presence is vital for a company’s future survival.