For years, people used the yellow pages of their local telephone book. Now most businesses are using online marketing techniques and placing themselves on online listings such as the Google My Business Page. Your local SEO agency on the Gold Coast can help you gain the full benefits of having your business listing optimised on Googles My Business Page.

These are five benefits which your business will enjoy if listed:

1.Being on Google Map Searches

An important factor in finding the right business or product is how close they are to you. With your business listed on Google My Business Page you will also be on Google Maps making you easy to find and help you stand out from others

2.Gaining Public Trust

Getting potential customers to trust your business is a major problem with internet marketing. There are so many businesses that come and go, that just having an actual physical location allows people to have more trust in you.

With the inherent trust many people now have in Google, by being ranked and on Google My Business Page, so you pop up in their search and maps makes you more reputable in many customers’ eyes giving you a huge advantage

3.Star Rating Boost

When your business is SEO compliant on the Gold Coast and listed on the My Google Business Page your customers can leave reviews and feedback for others to see. The advantage of this is, it helps your potential customers evaluate your business. By offering a high quality service and good value for your customers, you will soon gather positive reviews and be able to use the star system which shows searchers you have a higher rating. This helps to promote your business over nearby competition

4. Increased Traffic

Just by having your business listed on the Google Business Page you will increase your browser traffic because you are more visible and can be found easily. By having an informative profile you are also telling Google more about your business and the more information they have the more they like and rank you.

Having a quality site that provides consistently useful, high quality, interesting and accurate information, the more customers you will attract and the more return visitors you will receive. This will be seen by the Google search engines and you will in turn get a higher ranking in their search results.

Higher rankings produce more customer engagement which results in more sales as your potential customers have the ability to access your website, make an appointment, book a table, chat or call you directly through your listing just by clicking the option

5.More Business Information

Information is power, the more you know about your business and your potential customers, the more control and better prepared you are to meet their demands and requirements so you can improve your marketing strategies and overall performance. This information you can gain by tracking your traffic from your business page.

Being posted on the Google My business Page with localised SEO on the Gold Coast gives you the opportunity to make your business shine above your competition by using an effective business description so your branding is easily identifiable and seen on Google Maps.