A Secure Sockets Layer or SSL is now the standard form of security technology used to provide an encrypted link between websites, typically between a server and a client. Your SEO services on the Gold Coast can help you install this on your websites.

In a nutshell, having an SSL is the same as having a seatbelt while driving; it’s a safety net protecting you and anyone visiting your site.

If you own a website or blog, having an SSL certificate is not a luxury, it’s basically a necessity now, these are the five most important benefits:

1.SSL Protects Data

The main function of an SSL certificate is to protect all communications between you and anyone you’re in contact with. Every piece of information is encrypted and can only be unlocked by the one its intended for, it’s not possible for anyone else to have a key for it.

It’s vital for sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers, ID’s, and account numbers, as there are many scammers and hackers lurking around ready to pounce on your data. SSL is a very secure encryption technology

2. SSL Proves Your Identity

The second important function of having an SSL certification is that it proves your identity. The internet is becoming more deceptive with identity theft an increasing problem. To install an SSL certificate on your site, you need to be validated by an independent third party or Certificate Authority that can prove your identity. Your local SEO Services Company on the Gold Coast can help you become SSL certified.

Once you obtain your SSL certification, your web site is issued with trust indicators that vouch for your integrity and let people know that they are indeed talking to you not an imposter.

This helps to save people who use your website from possible fraud and also enhance your good reputation and branding

3. Helps Improve Your Search Rankings

Googles policy is to give their users the best possible experience, so they give preference to those that show their visitors, they are trustworthy by having an SSL certificate and care about their customers

4. Helps you Satisfy PCI and DSS Requirements

In order for you to receive online payments you need to satisfy the PCI and DSS requirements of having an SSL certificate, is not an option if you want to be an internet marketer

5. SSL Improves Customer Trust

One of the biggest challenges facing any internet marketer, after just making themselves visible to their potential customers is proving that you are legitimate and 100 percent trustworthy. This is not a small feat and takes a lot of hard work, starting with offering a high level of value for anyone wishing to visit your site to convincing them to trust you with their personal and financial data.

Having an SSL certificate not only gives you a secure encrypted site so you are unlikely to be compromised by fraudsters, but it provides a way for your customers to be able to trust you and your brand. This is vital for your internet marketing success,one of the best ways to do this is by using your local SEO services on the Gold Coast to help you