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Straight Up Digital is the coolest company in the galaxy for five very simple reasons but also because we deliver what we promise.

In the digital world of the internet, there is a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ work that can’t readily be seen or even calculated. Because of this a lot of misinformation and fraudulent claims are made for work that wasn’t done or if it was done, was rushed and inadequate. How do you really know what your agency has done for you unless they offer proof in the results you achieve directly because of what they have done for you?

At Straight Up Digital we are the coolest company in the galaxy by being open and honest about the things we can do for you and your internet presence and the things that we can’t do or we think are not in your best interests get called out early. We aren’t simply in it for the money.

The five simple reasons we are the coolest company in the galaxy are below:

1. Straight Up

The Cambridge dictionary online defines ‘straight up’ an approach that’s ‘used to show that you are telling the truth’. At Straight Up Digital, we tell you what you need to know not what you want to hear, unlike a lot of companies out there.

Internet marketing seems simple when you know how but it’s not always easy; you need to give your visitors and customers what they want. You need to provide a fast service and a very high amount of value for the time they spend on your site. They don’t want waffle and they don’t want to waste time or the hassle of looking at things they didn’t ask for. Behaviour like this does not make you the coolest company in the galaxy.

We will look at your website and overall web presence and tell you straight what’s right and what’s wrong with it. Then we will offer you the best, most cost-effective method of fixing improving on it. It may be a few simple things, a bit of a makeover or it could involve starting from scratch and creating a whole new winning web presence for you and your branding

2. Transparent

Dictionary.com defines ‘transparent’ as ‘open, frank and candid’ and indeed at Straight Up Digital, everything we do for you will be open and explained in enough detail, so you totally understand just what we’re doing and why.

This includes our costing and charges. We do not demand large upfront fees. At Straight Up Digital we work within your budget so as you grow, we can assist you accordingly. As we help you and your marketing success you will see the benefits of a long successful working relationship with us

3. Results Focused

Our company is based on giving results and not on how much we charge. Every action we take on your behalf is designed to produce results that you can measure. We break down every aspect and opportunity we create so that you can see that the investment you have placed with us for your future is justified and giving you a proper return.

4. Authenticity

Miriam Webster‘s definition of ‘authenticity’ is to be ‘true to one’s own personality, spirit or character’. At Straight Up Digital, we know that it’s easy to get customers quickly by making lavish claims even if you don’t have the answers or resources to deliver. Telling people what you know they want to hear in order to get them to sign a contract is not how we operate. Our true character of being ‘straight up’ is not aligned with this type of value.

We make sure you understand exactly what we think of your situation and how we will go about improving it so you end up on top. We don’t need a long list of ex-clients, we’re looking for a strong, long term working partnership with our clients. The one thing that is constant the internet is change, it is ever changing, expanding and becoming more complicated, so your website and IT solutions need to flow with it and keep abreast of developments.

What worked last month or even last week may not work today or tomorrow. You may not always like what we tell you and the solutions we suggest, but we show you our true self and how we feel about things rather than showing a side that we think you want to see. This way we express ourselves genuinely and honestly

5. Humility

As a rule, we don’t take ourselves too seriously or find the need to brag about our accomplishments other than this is an AWESOME post, but we do take our work seriously and are determined to provide the best possible overall digital service needs anywhere on The Gold Coast and beyond Get in touch and we will take a look at your web presence and help you find the best most cost-effective solution to place your business on top.