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Marketing trends move so fast and sometimes you can feel like you are running to catch up with what is being most effective in the market at any given time. Everywhere we look, whether it be Instagram or Facebook, we are bombarded by videos and Straight Up Digital’s resident Social Media guru, Miriah, is going to explain to you why using video in your marketing is so hot right now.

Social Media Loves Video Content

Social Media platforms are all about engagement and how they can keep the consumer on their site for the longest amount of time. The algorithms used by the platforms are favouring high quality video content above all else at the moment. It has been found that a good video with funny, informative, and engaging content will keep your customers online for longer ensuring the algorithm will promote your post first as it will be something that people will actually want to see.

People are more sceptical than ever

We are forever being marketed to, each day we are slammed by hundreds of companies trying to take our money. In 2021, the consumer is more sceptical of marketing than ever before and need some hard evidence before parting with their cash. A good video showing your product or service and explaining the point of difference from competitors can make the consumer feel better about the decision to engage your business. In the past, consumers have relied on the see/touch/feel concept before making a purchasing decision, in this digital world, we have become accustomed to purchasing with our eyes and a good video might just be the tipping point in your favour.

Video Testimonials are everything

If video is so hot right now, then video testimonials from your clients are scorching 🔥 For prospective customers, hearing direct from your clients about your business is going to make all the difference. People love to hear from people, real legitimate feedback from a human being and not an anonymous keyboard warrior is immensely powerful. In fact, right now consumers actually prefer a raw unedited client video testimonial to a polished marketing video. So whenever possible try and get your customers to sell your praises through a video, you don’t need to be a world-renowned director, your mobile phone will do perfectly.

Video Builds Emotional and Personal Connection

Without question, video is the easiest way to make a personal connection with your followers or customers. Creating a video puts a face to your brand and tells a story about your company and what makes it tick. Building an emotional connection with video will allow people that share similar values and beliefs to align with and support your company.

Video Improves SEO

We have saved the best for last – the technical aspect.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) loves video, when you create a video on your social media platform it can improve your engagement on that platform, increasing click through rates from social media platforms to your website. There is very little doubt that when it comes to your website and its SEO, “Content is King”, with three layers in the content cake.

3. Written word is your base layer

2. High quality images (photography)

1. Video – The Icing on the cake.

And whilst I will try not to take offence that the written word is not the most important, it has been proven that good video on your website will engage the consumer for longer, increase your sales, and customer base.

It is hard to argue that if you want to take your marketing to the next level it’s as easy as VIDEO!! If you have any questions or want to talk further about how Straight Up Digital can help your business reach its full potential, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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