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Keyword or key phrase or a query is used specifically to search specific information on search engines. Most of us search information by adding a set of keywords together, say you are a business who is looking for SEO services to improve web presence of your business, so your possible set of search queries will be the main keyword SEO combining your other need, say you are looking for Cheap service than your search query could be a combination of three keywords like Cheap SEO services or if you want to search a company that provide service in your region, than your query could be a mix of two or more keywords, say you are from Brisbane than your search query could be a mix of two or three keywords like SEO Brisbane or SEO services Brisbane and many others. Good keyword phrases are very specific and at times descriptive.

There are many ways that can help in optimising the site according to the keywords or can say services or products offered by the company, these are:

Keyword Frequency: The number of times a keyword appears in a website title or description.

Keyword Weight: Total content appearing on a web page with respect to target keywords on the same page.

Keyword Prominence: It refers how early on a page the keywords are found. Having keywords in the H1 tag or in the first paragraph on a webpage are best.

Keyword Placement: WHERE your keywords are placed on a page is very important. For example, in most engines, placing the keywords in the Title of the page or in the Heading tags will give it more relevancies.

Best Places to Put Keywords:

Here is a list of places where you should try to use your main keywords.

  • Keywords in the meta tags
  • Keywords in <h1> or other headline tags.
  • Keywords in the anchor or link tags.
  • Keywords in the <title> tag.
  • Keywords in the meta description tag
  • Keywords in the content.
  • Keywords in alt tags for images.

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