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Search Per second, measured on one of the biggest search engines Google is around 63,000. Calculating further 3.8 million searches per minute, 228 million searches per hour, and 5.6 billion searches per day, that is around 2 trillion searches per year.

About SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation can be briefly categorised into three categories:

  1. Traffic Quality your website receives, say you are an SEO Company Brisbane offering SEO services, and you receive very high volume of traffic for your website for search term Brisbane, this can’t be considered quality traffic as most of the people searching for Brisbane might not be interested in the services offered by you.
  2. Traffic Quantity So now when you are clear about the quality of traffic the next concern is to get more and more click from Quality terms, in our case it would be SEO Brisbane, SEO Company Brisbane Or SEO Services Brisbane and can be many Others, you can use Keyword Planner By Google to discover more keywords.
  3. Amount of Organic Traffic Your website receives.

SEO Ranking Factors an SEO Company Brisbane should consider:

We focus on more than 200 rankings factors that Google considers before rankings a website on Page One, though some other SEO specialists might add or subtract some of these factors.

To make it much easier to understand we have compiled these 200 SEO rankings factors in 9 Groups. These are:

  • Domain Factors: Age of your domain, having keywords in your domain, keyword placement in domain, keywords in domain directory or internal pages, EMD or exact match domain can be helpful, if the website is full of information, domain extension such as for Australia .com.au, public Whois is always better than private Whois.
  • Page Factors: Keyword in the title tag (SEO Brisbane | SEO Company Brisbane | SEO Service Brisbane), keyword in Meta description (Looking for SEO Brisbane, SUD is the best SEO Company Brisbane specialising in SEO Solutions since 2008. Call SUD Your Local Expert SEO Service NOW!), keywords in heading tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 & H6), keyword prominence for targeted terms, Targeted term frequency in content, density of targeted keywords, use of synonymies keywords, length of content, content readability, content structure, spelling and grammatical error page load speed on desktop and mobile, AMP or Accelerated mobile page optimization, duplicate content check, content update on historical pages those are performing well, Number and quality of outbound and inbound links, broken links, media such as Image and videos, schema markup, W3C validation, sitemap priority setup (1.0 for prominent pages and accordingly for others.), Page layout. Contact Us to find more about it
  • Site Factors: As it important for a product to have a USP (unique selling proposition) same is with the online market, if you are offering something unique search engine will value it and will rank better, Website architecture, website up and sown time, location of your server, SSL certification, navigation, use of tracking tools such as Google Analytics & Google webmaster tool.
  • Backlinks: Quality and quantity of backlinks, Anchor text in backlinks, number of backlinks from same or different referring domains, domain and page authority of backlink websites, no follow and Do-follow links, paid and organic links, the text used for links, Placement of backlinks from referring website and other backlinks on the same page
  • User-friendly: A higher CTR can improve rankings for the website, Low Bounce rate, higher direct traffic, and new vs returning traffic high returning traffic is a good ranking factor, Client Bookmarks (Chrome, Firefox and others)
  • Google Algorithm: Following all factors that Google has defined in its key algorithm updates to recover any future manual or automated penalty.
  • Brand Signals: Social Media Profile, Do your brand same have any search volume, Brand name in the anchor text, local NAP Check (Name, address, phone).
  • On-Site Factors: Check if the website is over

These and many more that help Our Client achieve Top ranks! Do you want to Rank On Page 1

Benefits of Hiring an Expert SEO Company Brisbane for your business:

No matter what your business model is, but if you want to be ahead of your competitor’s in Brisbane, you need to hire a specialist digital marketing agency that can help you in improving your ROI.

When we say only hire a specialist SEO Company Brisbane, we mean it, because at times Local Business Brisbane hires Cheap SEO service considering low marketing budget, but in the long term, these SEO Companies offering Cheap SEO services Brisbane will for sure harm you in the long run. that might result in shutting down your dream of online business.

Questions you need to ask from your SEO Company

Marketing on the internet is no longer something most small to medium business owners can do themselves, simply because it’s getting so involved and complicated. SEO or search engine optimisation is not an exact art, it’s organic by nature and requires someone who is dedicated to SEO success, who is able to create for you an original integrated, holistic marketing strategy. Good SEO involves having high-quality content aimed at providing good value to visitors based on keyword research on what visitors and potential customers require following the Google best practice policies, with measurable results.

Finding the right SEO service provider is imperative for your business survival and ability to grow and prosper. To know which questions to ask a prospective SEO company, Brisbane, to find out if they’re suitable for you and if they have the competence to provide the results you require to follow this guide.  A good Brisbane SEO company must be able to answer these questions for you!

  • What SEO philosophy or approach would you take to get results for my company?
  • You need them to provide an answer that covers the three main aspects of SEO

    Technical SEO

    They would need to do a complete review of your website and content, to determine how well site engines can access your site, including structure, page loading speed, backlinks, mobile and local optomisation along with other associated tasks.

    User experience

    This includes ease of use, keyword optimisation, site navigation and presentation

    Off-page SEO

    This includes accessing how to improve your site by revamping existing content, creating new content as well as developing SEO based campaigns to strengthen your branding

    If they imply they only cover one of these areas such as link building or simple research, then they are probably not able to help you

  • How will they use the strategies they have talked about to help promote your business?
  • What you’re interested in is the way they answer the questions and to see if they really understand what there’re talking about

  • What Metrics really define success for you?
  • This like the last question is a bit of a trick question as the real answer should be that they will use your own business plan and business goals to make a success of your business. They may say they want to reach certain goals, but it should all be based on your goals, although they can help you define them

  • What time frame can they give to see results?
  • As a rule, it takes time for SEO to produce results, but it largely depends on the state of your website and the type of industry. Implementing local SEO can happen more quickly because it relates directly to a small selection of specifically targeted people, for example, Best Brisbane SEO services in QLD will only attract those in Brisbane looking for SEO services. In general, it’s unlikely you’ll see significant results for about six months. Those who promise you fast results are usually trying something shady and best avoided

  • Are they able to give examples of some similar past clients and the results of your assistance to them?
  • A reputable SEO company Brisbane should be able to show some detail of a few of their clients they have assisted and the results they have achieved for them. If they are not able to or willing it would suggest they either have not been in business long or are unable to keep clients, which is a bit of a warning sign to be wary. Just ask them who they have been working the longest for!

  • Ask how they deal with mobile optimisation
  • It’s important that any Brisbane SEO company understands and is on top of mobile optimisation as this is part of Google new mobile first index strategy and that they can give your site a mobile audit

  • How do they conduct keyword research?
  • Keyword research requires a good understanding of what potential customers are looking for and provides content for ideas based on the intent behind keywords

  • What do you understand about influence marketing and link-building?
  • One high-quality link is much more valuable than many low-quality links, a good link is earned by providing high quality, useful and valuable content people want to link to in other words, relationship building

  • Which tools do they use and why?
  • It’s not important which tools they use, it’s how they use them and why that makes the difference.

    Tools can conduct audits and monitor usage and visitor information

    There are many Brisbane companies who offer SEO expertise and never provide. It’s vital to get an Brisbane SEO team that can show they can give you the right results. The only real way they can do that is by showing what they have done consistently for others through testimonials introductions and references from long-standing clients.

    An Expert SEO Company Brisbane will offer you:

    • Experienced: As seasoned SEO companies have worked on different niches & they already have a vast amount of database, so they exactly know where to focus on, and what resource to be used to give you an instant boost.
    • Avoid Errors: With New SEO company’s chances of error is more than a seasoned SEO company offering SEO services Brisbane.
    • Track-able Results & Reporting: A well experienced SEO Company will always offer you track-able reports so you can analyze your growth in terms of targeted Keywords Ranking, improvement in monthly Organic, referral and social traffic on your website & Conversion from your online business, Conversions could be getting your contact us form filled or a purchase from your website or visitors subscribing to your website for newsletters and many more.
    • Saves Time: Most of the business owners don’t have enough time to focus on all the technique mentioned above to rank a website, as it’s time-consuming and at times confusing especially, if you are from a non-technical background, it’s always best to hire an SEO company who is specialist in the field it will for sure buy you a lot of time, that you can use in focusing on other important factors to grow your business further.

    These are just a few in many of the reasons to contact Straight UP Digital your Local and Specialist SEO Brisbane Company. So we Help you What you want to be You can call us NOW! 1300 117 791 or Drop us an email: info@straightupdigital.com.au.com.au with all your queries regarding SEO Brisbane and we will get in touch with you ASAP!

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