Getting your SEO-friendly website ranked at the top of Google search results may seem daunting, but following some basic, Google-recommended steps can help you and your website succeed. Here we will discuss some important tips to make your website visible in the Google search results.

Create an account with Google Search Console

There is a free tool provided by Google called Google Search Console; it allows you to submit your website and your sitemap to be indexed by Google for free. To accomplish effective search engine optimisation, you must integrate your website with one of these services, whether you use WordPress, Wix, Shopify, or Squarespace. Having your sitemap uploaded by Gold Coast digital agency to Google Search Console is a great way to inform the search engine about your website’s existence, which is crucial for it to appear in the search engine results when people search for it.

Set up a Google Business account

One of the first things you should do when establishing a new business is to register it with Google Business as soon as possible, or you can also take the assistance of a Gold Coast digital agency if you don’t know a Google Business account. Creating a Google Business profile for your business can immediately boost your SEO strategy as it will enable your business to appear in local search results for relevant geographic keywords. Indeed, this can take place within a few weeks after you’ve created your profile. You will receive a postcard with a pin when you register your business with Google Business. You may use the postcard to verify your website when registering with Google Business.

Optimise site speed

According to Google, site speed has been an indicator of rankings, so it is essential to ensure that your website loads as fast as possible. Additionally, ensure that your website loads very quickly on mobile devices and that the user experience for users viewing the website on their smartphones is as smooth as possible. You can also hire a professional Gold Coast digital agency to optimise your site.

Choose relevant keywords

To achieve the best search engine ranking for your site, it’s essential that you select the right keywords – the terms for which you want to appear in search results – and ensure that they are included correctly, or you can hire a professional and experienced Gold Coast digital agency for assistance. Of course, you can choose several keywords to generate a reasonable quantity of traffic. Still, they must not be too popular to be dominated by too many other competitors simultaneously.

Check out Google’s instructions

Google is quite helpful in offering you some advice on optimising your site to perform better in search results. Google has even published a free guide on optimising your site for Google search results. However, you must read it thoroughly and follow all of the recommendations included in it.

Obtain more backlinks for your website

If you have a good page title, a good Meta description, and a good URL for your site, but you don’t have any ‘backlinks’ pointing to it, your site’s rating will not likely increase significantly. This is because Google considers backlinks’ votes when they appear on other websites and link back to yours. It is advisable to hire a reliable and experienced Gold Coast digital agency such as Straight Up Digital, one of Australia’s best digital marketing agencies.    

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