5 Simple Digital Marketing Strategies For Startups

Internet marketing or digital marketing is the future of every business, whether you like it or not, you either get it together or you be left behind. It’s that simple. You really need to do it and do it right. If you don’t know, how then you need an expert to help...

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How to Optimise Images for SEO

Most people understand the importance of SEO and how it’s all about text and keywords, but most do not realise that images have an important role to play as well. They are extremely important for user experience and one of the best ways to attract interest. Images...

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The smartest man in Australia

Well, no I do not really think I am the smartest man in Australia; I will leave that honor up to another. My name is Chris Bindley and I am an expert on SEO and web design. As an experiment and to show what is possible with the internet and SEO, I placed this web page...

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Backlinks are Queen | Gold Coast SEO Company

For many people, having a profitable enterprise on the web can be a complex and sometimes daunting prospect, especially for those who are just starting out. In order to have a high search rating, you need to make sure you have content that is of high quality and...

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Crossfit Carv | New Website

We had some real fun with this one. Crossfit Carv is our local Crossfit box based in Burleigh Heads and when we were asked if we could build a website for them we were really happy to create something special for the team. They wanted a basic website but we knew that...

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