Marketing professionals face the most serious challenges today regarding customer engagement. That is because customer engagement drives marketing professionals in the first place. Engaged customers are far more likely to become advocates for you – and will assist you in acquiring, converting, and retaining more customers. Make sure that you connect with them appropriately, effectively, and meaningfully. There is no longer any point in making a brand depend on catchy slogans or celebrity endorsements when marketing.

Listed below are three tips to increase engagement for your small business

Offering a free trial or a discount

It can be useful to offer free trials to entice people to try out your products if you are trying to attract new customers. There is a possibility that some new customers will be hesitant about giving a significant amount of money over to a business they are not completely familiar with. So, to turn them into regular customers, you may want to offer them a free trial to win over their hearts and minds. It is beneficial for new customers to take advantage of a free trial period which will allow them to test the product and gauge its quality before committing their resources. Any financial offering entails engaging a potential customer, increasing the chances of making a sale, and gaining a new customer.

Create a website that engages visitors

A good website designed by digital marketing Gold Coast agency is essential for a business to grow and engage its customers. Poorly designed websites will lead to fewer business customers engaging with your brand and product. No customer wants to spend time on a slow or difficult site to use. That is why a website that attracts and engages customers is important. It is important to create an engaging website designed by a digital marketing Gold Coast agency to engage potential customers, whether you would like to build it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

Make use of the social media plan

Social media is a simple and easy way for businesses to get their message out. There is a certain comfort level with social media as a tool that we all use in our everyday lives. Creating a Facebook page for your business is completely free. Just start posting a few times on Instagram, or get started with Twitter or any other social network. You can also hire professional digital marketing Gold Coast agency to manage your company’s social media page. Nevertheless, whenever you embark on a new venture, make sure you have a solid plan first. Social tools can be used for free, of course. Still, the effort and time spent using them would count as an investment for your business. Then you don’t have a plan. You don’t know where you’re headed or your goals. In other words, this means you cannot tell if your investment will pay off in the future.


In order to succeed and ensure customer loyalty, an online business needs to prioritize customer engagement and set up a strategy for active communication and engagement. You can hire a professional digital marketing company such as Straight Up Digital to enhance customer engagement. Straight Up Digital is a full-service, customer-centric digital marketing agency based on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia. If you are experiencing a digital marketing frustration, we have the right solutions for you to enhance customer engagement.  

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