What is a Response Website and Why is it Important

Today a business, regardless of what products or services if promotes and sells needs a website. This is not only gives you and your business an internet presence, but displays and highlights all your products or outlines the services you provide in the best possible ways. This can involve detailed and beautiful images and videos in a virtual showroom on the net, giving your customers a total package and complete product disclosure that helps to build confidence in both you and your products.

Today’s technology allows you to have a responsive web design that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with a potential market of over 2 billion worldwide customers to visit your site.

Many people find that having a website is a huge expense and drain on their finances and more importantly time, with very little result in terms of sales or revenue. What they do not understand is that a website should not be like a sales brochure, but it needs to be responsive. Your website needs to be your main sales asset, not an expense or inconvenience.

There is very little point in spending a lot of time and money on a website that is not responsive and set up to encourage visitors to take action, generate leads or make sales.

A responsive website need not be expensive and does not need lots of thrills, but it must have the means to get people to willingly take action by providing their email address or phone number in exchange for something like an obligation free prize, a give away sample or a good discount, maybe printing out a coupon, asking direct questions or even making a purchase.

This is the difference between an old non productive web site and a response website.

Many people before they make a purchase will check out your website to see if there is any advantage of purchasing from you rather than somewhere else. A responsive website will be able to answer all their questions in an easy and low keyed way that gives them a reason to want to buy from you.

Web design on the Gold Coast is set up to do this for you and take the hard work out of redesigning your old site and making it responsive or developing a new website for you.

Purchasing good advertising space is expensive, whether it is in local newspapers, radio, billboards, TV or magazines. But a proper Responsive web design by a Web design agency in the Gold Coast is so cost effective as it combines the latest Local SEO with your own responsive website specifically designed to have local appeal and relate to those customers and potential customers in your area.

You can for very little cost have a virtual showroom or even an interactive showroom with your own full page interchangeable ads that are strategically developed for your unique website, giving you a real online presence that meets the needs and expectations of your customers.

Many people just do not appreciate the tremendous cost savings of having an online showroom with its associated reduced labour costs and need for extensive retail premises in expensive locations.

A well designed response website helps to promote and build customer trust and satisfaction and as any retailer will tell you positive word of mouth is money in the bank.

Another very important part of a responsive website is a making sure you have a quick response to any queries or questions that your websites email or instant chat can answer to give a feeling to the customers of total satisfaction from your site.

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