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Website Maintenance

For those who want to become or are already internet marketers, having the best possible web presence is imperative, you’re competing against many websites, so you need something that will place you in front and keep you there to gain the best return for your efforts.

Straight Up Digital is a leading Gold Coast based Web Design Company, we are experts in creating cutting edge web design that’s unique and totally user friendly. Our team has the experience and know-how to ensure you’re ahead of your competition and in front of your targeted audience. We are fully trained and use the latest professional tools to look after all aspects of your site maintenance. Our content writer can provide you with interesting, relevant value packed content that it designed for your site and audience.

Why you need to keep your website constantly maintained

Once you have the best web design possible using the latest techniques and apps, fully search engine optimised and mobile friendly, filled with original, interesting, value packed content you would hope that you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labours, right? Wrong, the internet is organic and constantly changing.

There are three main aspects of web maintenance:

  1. The first aspect is the integrity of your web code. This includes looking for broken, bad or obsolete links, download speeds and site security. You can do this with the right apps and training. The internet is in a constant state of revision and upgrading, nothing remains the same, each time this happens, new features and inherent flaws you need to deal with are added
  2. The next important aspect is monitoring your performance. You need the number of visitors you are getting, how long each visitor stays and how many visitors are becoming customers and/or clients. This can all be achieved by having the right applications to monitor and decipher what is going on. But even with the latest apps, you need to know how to use them.

    Why do you need to know this?

    Simply so you can be sure you are giving your audience and therefore customers what they want.

    You need to be able to adapt your site to the needs of your visitors in real time.

    Google search engines now notice when you engage your visitors, when you are giving value for time spent and reward you by giving a better place in the search rating, which means more visitors and more sales

  3. The third important aspect is content; you need to have interesting, relevant content, but the fantastic content on your site today is not going to be good enough for tomorrow or the next day. Your competition is monitoring your site constantly and trying to get ahead of you in the ratings so they can attract your customers. This means you have to monitor them, see where they’re going, what they are doing and react quickly to maintain your ratings. Once again this can all be done using the right apps, if you know how to use them and have the experience to be able to benefit from the knowledge you gain.

Having a relevant internet presence is the key to your success, the organic nature of the internet means that it is now a full time job to maintain even a simple effective website. Here at Straight Up Digital Services, we offer a comprehensive website maintenance service at very competitive rates. Come down and talk with us and we’ll work out a package to maintain your website that’s within your budget and keeps you ahead and current.

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