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Website Hosting

At Straight Up Digital, we offer our clients a full range of options and internet services to suit their particular needs and budgets. We can tailor make a plan that takes into account your business goals and everything you need to begin your internet presence.

Our highly qualified and experienced team of internet professionals is ready and willing to sit down and discuss just what your needs are and work out the most cost-effective ways we can help you become a successful internet marketer. It really starts with a total business plan to help you reach your goals.

Most people do not understand just what website hosting is all about and the different options you have. Deciding which option is right for you and your business is a matter of your budget, the number or unique of visitors you expect, the type of product or service you’re promoting and the amount of security you require. There are four main types of website hosting to choose from:

Shared Hosting is often best for beginners, looking for an inexpensive, easy option. These types of hosting services tend to have the “bad neighbour effect” when one user has lots of traffic, others sharing the server slow down or become unreachable. This makes it useful for sites with low traffic volumes, but not great for internet marketing.

Virtual Private Server Hosting provides a better balanced as all its resources are divided evenly between site holders. This means each site is not affected by any of the others. VPS also allows you to make changes to the set up without affecting the other users and is scalable, allowing you to grow as needed, but you need some basic knowledge to take advantage of it.

Dedicated Hosting is for those who are serious about making a profitable internet marketing business. It is much more secure and can be extensively customised giving you a lot of flexibility. The main disadvantages are that you need to know a lot about computers and server technology. They are also more expensive, starting about $60 a month up to $400 per month

Cloud Hosting is similar to Dedicated Hosting and is expected to be the future of web hosting; it places your site on a virtual machine where you become part of a whole network of computers. This allows you to take advantage of the almost unlimited internet power and memory available in a scalable arrangement according to your site needs. Another advantage is you need only pay for the amount you actually use, so your costs relate more to your business usage.

Here at Straight Up Digital, we’re committed to helping you make the right decisions so your online presence is a financial success. We understand that while running your business, you don’t have the necessary time to devote to perfecting your online presence. This is why we offer a complete web design service from sorting out your hosting requirements to providing a fully functioning, proactive website that’s 100 percent user and mobile friendly as well as fully search engine optimised.

At Straight UP Digital we use the latest cutting edge technology to help promote your brand and have your site stand out from the rest. Using the latest apps and features we can check your progress and track visitor responses to ensure you’re reaching your target audience and giving them what they want. Unique businesses need unique websites and original concepts which is what Straight Up Digital is all about. We are dedicated to your success and forming long term business partnerships with local businesses on The Gold Coast.

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