Top 15 link building techniques to be followed in 2018

Many people are unsure about SEO and what it takes to really make your websites and pages search engine optimised. But it’s not really a difficult concept to understand, in fact, there are four words that describe it perfectly and they are Quality, Originality, Relevance and Value.

I hear people suggesting all the time that Google just tries to make it hard to get your website to the top of the ranking list and once there to keep it there. That they keep changing the rules so you have to be a genius to get your site anywhere near a level with high enough search engine ranking for people to easily find it.SEO Gold Coast

The plain truth is most websites do not deserve a high ranking. Google is not there for website owners, it’s there for its users, the people who are looking for information on the internet. What Google and other search engines are doing is trying to give their uses the best possible experience and find the most relevant and informative content about the subjects they are inquiring about.

If you have a high quality, original, factual and relevant content, then you have the building blocks for obtaining a high ranking on search engine result pages.

When you consider that there are billions of pieces of content on the internet and millions more being added each day, there has to be a logical and efficient way of sorting or cataloging all the information so it can be found.

Backlinks and Link Building

This is where links or more precisely back links come in. It is a mistake to think that search engines are a form of artificial intelligence, they are a mathematical algorithm, a very complex code of instructions that could be thought of in a similar way to the chromosomes in each of our cells. The search engine can tell if a piece of content is technically correct and categorize it according to a specific set of instructions. But the other important part of the SEO equation is quality backlinks.

The importance of these is that this is the way the search engine determines the amount of traffic you have to your content. When you have a high amount of traffic to your site, it suggests that your site is popular and provides the information people are seeking.

There are differences in backlinks and the new algorithms are able to check the quality of links to ensure they are genuine. A few years ago you could just buy as many links as you wanted to influence your search engine rankings, but that is a thing of the past and now these types of links will do you more harm than good.

Google has stated that the number one ranking factor after quality content is quality relevant links pointing to your site.

So how to build high quality links

• Build good relationships with niche related sites, web communities, blogs, forums  and social groups by making the first step and add quality contextual value to discussions on other sites.

• Give positive testimonials to a relevant site that give you a good experience, but do not overload with optimised text, keep thing natural and organic. This works well as a company will get a good testimonial for their site and you will get a quality backlink. These links can give you a high rating as you will often get new traffic from them.

• Start a Blog with relevant, original, quality and regular posts that relate well to the subject, by focusing on the needs of your audiences and giving value you can get many repeat links which are much more valuable than thousands of onetime links.

• List your website on directories that have proven to be trustworthy because they provide real value such as niche directories to help people find you online.

• Write a high quality guest post on other relevant blog sites that are not just about you and how wonderful you are. It has to give people real value so they want to read more from you. Guest blogging is a very effective way to reach other people and therefore gain quality backlinks.

• Mention the names of other people who have had positive influences on you in your content, many people have an app to discover any time they are mentioned on the web so your positive acknowledgment of them will almost certainly result in a positive back link from them if they like your content.

• Search for broken links on relevant sites to find any broken links using a tool like “Check My Links” which when added to your chrome browser. When you find a broken link you can send an email message to tell them of the broken link and offer them your blog as a replacement.

• Use infographics as they are shared more than most other content on the net, because sharing visual content works best and they can scan your infographic to get the info in a few seconds then link back later. HubSpot suggests that infographics are shared three times more than any internet content.

To gain valuable backlinks you need to offer people high quality original, relevant and interesting web content that they enjoy reading. There is so much regurgitated tripe on the internet that if you invest the time to produce high quality content you will get links and a high SEO rating.

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