Popular SEO Tips And Tricks of 2014

There are many SEO tips and tricks that you can use to give your website the boost for the remaining days of the year 2014. These tips are quite easy and you can do basic Search Engine Optimisation by yourself, but if you are looking forward to stay a step ahead than your competitors, then hire a professional SEO expert. If your business is based on the Gold Coast, then hire an SEO company that can help you to target the local consumers of your products and services.

SEO in 2014 is a bit complex for Search Engine Optimisation beginners, so they need to understand and follow some of the Best SEO tips and Tricks that can help in boosting their website rank in various search engines. Following are some SEO tips that will surely help you in improving your website rank in search engine results.

If your website is made on WordPress, then it is highly recommended to use various WordPress SEO Plugins.


Tips for Keyword Analysis       


  • Choose the right key phrases: Instead of selecting a single keyword, choosing key phrases are a much better option to get high ranking. So opt for multiple key phrases as they perform better compared to single keywords.
  • Keyword with high search volume, but less competitive: This is quite important in SEO because finding a keyword that  is less competitive, but searched high on various search engines can ultimately give you a high volume of visitors. You’ll find it difficult to get high ranks with keywords that have more competition. So, the trick is to find keywords with less competition.
  • Google Keyword Planner: A free SEO tool provided by Google that helps in finding out the relative keyword ideas and keywords search volume. Currently, Google is the number one search engine in the world, making this tool more useful than any other keyword analysis tool. 


Few SEO tips to help in improving On-Page optimisation           

  • High quality content: never copy/paste content from other websites as it won’t bring you any traffic. Google and other search engines can easily find the copied or duplicated content. Try to avoid Black Hat SEO techniques and keyword stuffing.
  • Post informative and descriptive articles: people don’t like to read boring articles, so to keep their interest try to write more descriptive and informative content that clear their doubts about any specific topic.
  • Keep the title short and simple: Title of the articles and blogs on your website should be relevant, having keywords and keyphrases in it. To make it extra large and don’t exceed more the 70 characters. You can also place your keyword in the title. For example, if your business is based on the Gold Coast and you wish to target local consumers, then ensure that you mention the Gold Coast in the title.
  • Keyword density ratio should be optimal: to avoid getting Google Algorithm Penalties, try to maintain the density of the keywords.
  • Meta description should be relative: try to write an informative 156 character description that gives a short synopsis of your articles and blogs. This helps the readers to understand what your article is all about in the Search Engines Results Page.
  • Place your keyword in the first paragraph: by using the keyword in the first paragraph, you can help to explain the search engine that the content of the article justifies the title.
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