Why Responsive Web Design Will Become a Must Have in 2015?

Responsive web design is becoming a need of the time with extensive growth in the mobile sector. The users are accessing websites from various types of devices, thus it has become important for business site to have a responsive design that works fluently and efficiently on all devices. A business website looking for growth will not be able to ignore responsive web design in 2015.

By building adaptable web pages for various devices, responsive web design helps to enhance the user experience. It’s expected that the traffic through mobile devices will increase manifold by 2015. Nowadays, web developers on the Gold Coast have to face a bigger challenge of user fragmentation over desktops, tablets, mobiles and laptops. Responsive web design is an intuitive, easy and affordable solution of this problem.

Following are the reasons why responsive web design has become inevitable:                 

  • Much Better User Experience: Responsive web pages are quite adaptable and provide a convenience to the users in accessing information from anywhere. The website fits easily into every format, no matter what device you are using. Compared to desktop sites, these web pages have more call-to-action buttons. The content viewing experience becomes more engaging and fast with the inclusion of vertical scrolls unlike horizontal scrolls. This way, you can build up a loyal customer base and ensure higher sales.
  • Share URLs That Are Similar: With these designs the URLs rarely or in fact never varies. A website will be displayed with the content, images, graphics and videos on various devices it is being loaded upon. It’s often considered as a ‘Cherry on the Cake’ benefit of creating a responsive website. There’s no need to remember many addresses, so it’s quite helpful for businesses that have long or difficult website URLs.
  • Focus on SEO: With the help of responsive web designs you to focus more on SEO on a single website optimised for multiple platforms. Google selects sites that have a low bounce rate, high returning visits, good user experience metrics and consistent traffic. So, it’s quite clear that these web pages fit perfectly in the Google algorithms. Google considers mobile searches done by users and responsive websites are placed higher on the search engines.
  • Publish Content Only Once: It’s quite easy to maintain responsive websites. If you made changes on one platform, they will get updated on all devices easily. Thus, the user experience is not spoiled if any changes are made. These designs help businesses to stay connected all the time with their clients, without spending any extra amount of money.
  • Targeting Multiple Channels: This type of design can help your business cater to multiple channels. It can get an effective and affordable single channel to promote your brand across various market segments. Also, for easier and faster access to websites it enables the users to share and connect device specific links amongst themselves.
  • Use of Gestures: These layouts fit easily into the device screen, enabling lesser use of gestures. Full view is more or less allowed to users by vertical scrolling. The graphics and videos adjust quite aptly as per the requisite screen resolutions automatically.
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