Photoshop Tips for Beginners (Part II)

Photoshop is an excellent image editing software used widely all over the Gold Coast, Australia by professional and non-professional web Designers. If you are a beginner, it’s advisable that first you must learn to work on Photoshop so that its tools can be used to the fullest. These are five tips that can help you in understanding Photoshop in a better way.

One cannot deny the benefits offered by Photoshop in editing images. Web designers all the Gold Coast widely use Photoshop in their web design campaigns. We discussed few Photoshop tips in the previous article. Here are a few more tips for beginners.

    • Custom Shape Tool  All the basic shapes one requires such as line, square, circle, ellipse etc. are provided by the Tool Panel. However, for extended options you can opt for the custom shape tool. Resembled by a roadkill icon can be found easily on the Options Bar. Once it is selected, a plethora of shape options will appear for to use. On the right of the Custom Shape Tool icon, a shape preview thumbnail appears. It is an excellent selection as even more shapes can be accessed by clicking once more on the arrow on the right side of the panel. This the right tool for you to use, if you’re searching for speech bubbles, banners or arrows of all kinds.
    • Adjustment Layers   No matter what’s the reason for you using Photoshop, like it may be for making an image sharper, changing its colours or improving the contrast. What you need to remember is that always use the adjustment layers. One of the biggest advantages of using an adjustment layer is that a user doesn’t have to make all the changes right on the image itself, but on a separate layer. So, the user can easily change the settings to check the adjustment that works best for him/her.
    • Layer Styles   This is an easy way to add an attractive combination of vitality and glamour in your image. These are special effects which can be applied quickly to different layers. To choose the effect you wish for, all you’re supposed to do is double click on a layer. It offers a variety of features like drop a shadow, add a glow or a stroke etc. Just ensure that you don’t overdo it that because these effects might look cheap and sleazy when overused.
    • Spot Healing Brush   You can make everything look prettier in an image with the help of this tool. If a person in the image has a mole, blemish or a spot, then with this tool it can be removed instantly. Select a bigger size of the brush than the area you wish to fix and simply click it. You really don’t need to do anything else because Photoshop samples from around the area that is retouched automatically.
  • Blur Tool   This tool is widely used by designers to remove small wrinkles by blurring them a bit. You can use this tool to improve the small imperfections such as wrinkles around the eye or mouth area in an image. Ensure that you don’t overdo it else you’ll end up spoiling the image instead of improving it.
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