Hire a graphic designer to make your website attractive

A graphic designer’s process of creating an attractive website will surprise you. Most will start with a consultation. The consultation will involve getting to know you as well as your company.

They will be interested in what you do. How you do it as well as Why you do it.

They will want to understand what colors you like and you feel represent your business.

They will also be interested at any other promotional materials you might have. These could be brochures, sales flyers, catalogs, signage, as well as many other items. The graphic designer will take into consideration your current marketing or promotional materials in order to make sure that their design will compliment your current marketing campaigns.

The graphic designer will also often ask you about some of the sites that you like and what you like about them to get a feel of your likes and needs.

The graphic designer will then create comps or mockups of what your site could look like to give you some different options. They will take what they learned from you at the consultation as well as research they will do into some of your competitors to see what they are doing.

The graphic designer will have a meeting walking through each of the mockups to get feedback from you.

They will take this feedback and incorporate it into one mockup. This process will go back and forth until you are satisfied. The graphic designer will give you direction and recommendations on best practices as an expert in the field.

Once the design has been decided the graphic designer can work with your web designers and developers, or possibly do the web design themselves. They will help to ensure that the vision chosen is properly implemented.

Hiring a graphic designer to make your website attractive is not only a fun process, it is a very good choice for updating your company’s visual branding.

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