Google Penguin Algorithm – How it Affect Your Business?

Penguin algorithm is Google’s way to stop web spamming. To get your website into the good books of Google, you need to follow certain points. Try to work according to the Penguin algorithm to ensure that your website ranks well in Google’s Search Engine Page Results (SERP). By working on keywords, links and with the help of Google Webmaster Tools, you can achieve success in your SEO campaigns.

Penguin algorithm updates doesn’t change the factors considered by Google while ranking. Instead it’s a more of a warning by Google that it will take action against people who are trying to manipulate the search engine functioning.

In simple words, you can say that web spamming is targeted by Penguin. So, there’s not much to worry about, if you abide by the rules and ethics of the SEO. You may ask now the steps you should take in your SEO campaigns, take a look: 

  • Keep a Check on your keywords

In the initial stages of penguin, people thought that it has put a stop on over-optimisation. This was somewhat true and causing a number of people to make changes in their website to such an extent that it was left with almost no optimisation. This resulted in changing the focus to keywords.  

With penguin in action, you need to ensure placement of keywords in the content. Keywords help the search engines in understanding what your website is all about. Don’t use your keyword in every other sentence or bolded in the whole text.

  • Diversify the link building Campaign

By having keywords in the links of a website helps bring more visitors. It’s quite important to have a good link building campaign to get higher ranks on the search engines, also it’s one of the easiest things you could do. For example, if you want to target Sydney consumers, then simply mention Sydney in your website links.

You wish to have keywords in the anchor text and more than that, you may wish for a natural link profile. Following are the ways you can have it:

  • Brand name links
  • Mismatched keyword links
  • Non-descriptive links
  • Improve the Content Quality

Having high quality content is always going to benefit you in many ways. In case your campaign goes wrong and the website goes into the bad books of Google, then by uploading quality and relevant content can get again get your ranks back. Take the following steps:

  • Post a new content at least once a week
  • Put new information
  • Put out a press release once a month
  • Take help from Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster tools have proved to be a blessing for users.  It is an excellent tool which giving a direct connection to Google, providing loads and chunks of information about the way Google is rating our website. It offers many benefits to the users and informs you about any technical errors such as server errors, 404 errors, blocked content and more. 

Things to Avoid

Always keep in mind that Google’s Penguin cleans up the spam and give rewards to clean websites. Content, links and keywords are the things that you need to clean, if you are willing to pass Penguin test. Also, try your level best to avoid cloaking and content spinning.

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