Business Cards

The Business Cards.

This piece of marketing can either leave a great first impression or INSTANTLY turn people off.

When discussing business card design with our clients we generally always uncover that as a prospective client themselves, they generally make up their mind (initially at least) about a person or their business as soon as they see the business card. It seems obvious then that you should have a business card that is inline with what you as a company stand for yet so many people don’t.

We have seen time after time, business cards that look cheesy or have a completely different look and feel to the client’s website. All this does is confuse people and make them less likely to buy.

What do your business cards say about you? Do you even have any?

If you need help with business cards, maybe they need to be updated/polished to look like the below, fill out the form to the right or give us a call, we’re here to help.

Business Card Front

Business Cards

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Business Card gold coast

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