Looking for more business for your business?

Do you have a business that needs new business to stay in business? It seems like a straight forward question but it isn’t. What do we mean by that?

Well, are you a business that has return client business that you generate your income from or do you need to find new business constantly to stay afloat?

See, there is a massive difference because if you are the former your key focus is more likely around branding and reputation rather than direct sales and if you are the latter, although branding and reputation are important to you, you quite simply need new business.

At Straight Up Marketing, we are a business that needs new business. We aren’t ashamed in any way to admit that, quite the contrary, we are proud of it. It’s what helps us keep the edge and allows us to constantly be at the coalface with a real understanding of what it means to get a return from our marketing spend.

The reason we highlight the above is that there are differences in the life cycle of a business. Some are brand new and need all the help that they can get and others have existing client bases with return revenue coming from them. The real question is, what type of business are you?

If you are a business that is looking for more business then that’s where we specialise. See, Straight Up Marketing is all about results based marketing.

Let me ask you this question, would you spend $30,000 on your business for marketing with no real measure on it’s return? I would hope that most shrewd business owners would say ‘No Way!’ let 1000s  of business actually do year in year out. Let’s look at the mediums out there. Paper, Radio, Yellow Pages, SEO, AdWords, the list goes on. How do you actually measure their success? Do you keep a log of all calls into the business? What about if you forget, or your receptionist forgets?

You see a great number of business fail in this regard to record how successful (or onot in most cases) their advertising/marketing was and what return they got from it. To their defence, many advertising mediums in the offline world don’t offer that level of granularity. Some offer a level but it certainly isn’t enough for you, the client to make an informed decision one way or the other.

At Straight Up Marketing, everything we do is measured. You as the client know what you are spending and we provide a clear indication of what that is returning back to you.

Is your current advertising/marketing company doing the same? Is it really?

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