7 Sins of Digital Marketing

Treating digital marketing as an option

You always need to give extra time for your business digital marketing strategy, as it not just a one day job.

The business model need to be studied and accordingly the strategy should be implemented.

Ignoring the next step

Always keep in mind the next step is the most important thing that you should never miss, say you spend a lot of money in your digital marketing strategy to bring your prospective customers, but you dint set up a medium through which they can be converted. ‘Call to Action’ is the most important thing.

Live chat is never dead

Having a live chat option on your website gives you an extra edge, from conversion point of view as you visitors can directly interact with your business personals and can sort out any service or problem they want to discuss.

Launching and leaving

Whatever platform you start engaging in, whether it’s a website, a Facebook fan page, twitter or anything else. Try to be a contributor always, always keep your platform engaged, so you don’t lose your old clients and if you want to stop the engagement then remove everything related to that product, service business or anything stating a message to the upcoming visitors something like “WE ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR NOW” or anything that suits best.

Responsive website

Responsive website is the buzz word. If you are still not aware about the thing then you are not yet ready for the online business world.

Optimise your website for all other devices including desktop, to improve visibility and conversion for a web site, as we already know that, the number of smart Phone and tablet users have increased tremendously in the recent past.

Measuring everything and doing nothing

If your are good with fact finding then it’s a good thing, but if you are not converting those findings in creating a solid platform for your digital marketing strategy then it’s of no use.

So, just check in your Google analytics and web masters account set up dash boards that can help you in filtering a of data and finding what need to be done further for improvements in your digital strategy.

Posting from a search

Well if you are posting anything from a search always try to give credit to the real owner. This will help you a lot in all the ways.

Following all this can help you out with your digital marketing strategy and keep you out with any kind of legal issues.

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