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It’s not an easy task to simply keep up with always evolving search engine optimization (SEO) industry and can seem to be a discomfort. However, SEO is a prerequisite for businesses that want to stay in competition in this digital age.

For those who disregard with these concepts, you’re threatening your own website to be plagued with penalties and bad rankings. Remember, if your business depends on visitors, these adverse effects may have disastrous implications.

You’re surely heading down quite a harmful path, if you aren’t using a sound Search engine optimisation system. Profitable online businesses have recognized the need to have a search engine marketing plan due to the effect it may have on the business, however in 2015, this will become a lot more crucial.

Here are some tips or things that you can implement to keep your business up-to-date and prevent the implications related to bad SEO.

SEO Steps You Need To Take To Survive In 2015 Have SEO For Mobile

 You’ve listened to this for several years: businesses must have a good strategy for mobile. Especially, in 2015, that admonition has converted into a warning. Google’s makes it official with its current update announcement which says that an absence of mobile-friendliness will hinder your rankings.

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Experienced businesses will commence by having a robust, responsive or mobile-friendly website. However, along with this mobile optimization approach, also evaluate a couple of other things.


  • Website loading: A review identified that more than 70% responsive websites were found “failure” when set to a speed exam. Website loading speed functions as a big search engine optimisation indicator, and that's why pros make optimisation of webpage loading time a priority. Test your website loading speed
  • Pop-ups & Overlays: Google really wants the users to find a solution as fast as is possible. It doesn’t care that you just want your website visitors to attend your webinar or obtain your application. Already, majority of responsive websites have sluggish load timing, so don’t incorporate yet another barrier for accessing your info as it’ll harm you in the long run.
  • Supportive Content: Stay away from web pages that include unsupported cellular material, for instance videos the visitor can’t play. If people have to go through this type of content to uncover the things they’re in search of, Google can’t supply a quick respond. That’s not great news for the rankings of your business website.
  • Know More About SEO penalty and recovery

Practically nothing can spoil your day more quickly than realising you been hit by a Google penalty due to negative SEO. This stuff destroys your rankings. For many companies, this may influences the business’s base line.

Be ready to face the challenge before it starts negative effects, but that only takes place as a result of regular checking. If you don’t know how to do this, then ask your digital marketing partner to do recovery for you.

  • Go For ROI Measurements

Do you want you could potentially confirm that, for every single AUD you have invested endeavouring to rank better, is giving you AUD 10? Obviously you want, who won’t like to have such sort of info about their investment.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re reporting into a consumer or measuring the overall performance of your site. This kind of reporting outweighs the advantage of knowing that you choose to rank better inside the Google search results and that’s precisely why it's essential that you begin executing it in 2015.

You would like the power to trace consumers above a lengthy time period. By undertaking this, you’ll understand:

  • The original research query guests utilised to reach your website.
  • Every time a user accomplished a purpose that contributes to revenue.
  • How that user continued to behave to work out his or her overall lifetime benefit.

Doesn’t it look good? You’re not far away from achieving it. Multi-touch attribution is an advanced approach that you may find in Google Analytics.

  • Use Standard Link Building & PR

PR concentrates on constructing relationships. Link Building, However, seeks to construct Web optimisation by securing one-way links on substantial-high quality, relevant sites. What occurs when you blend both of these points? A robust hybrid develops that provides the ideal of both the things.

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White-hat URL builders spend numerous hours in doing blogger outreach, however, the most prolific bloggers obtain a large number of guest post requests every week. That removes ROI and you’re left battling for the same visitor submitting spots which other bigger competitors are now heading for.

It is possible to help your odds of staying highlighted by striving to develop relationships, instead of just requesting favours from your bloggers you prefer.

  • Go For More Specific Keywords

Experts spent a great deal of time rambling about the power of long-tail keywords and phrases. Although they might nevertheless aid your overall search engine optimisation campaign, Google’s Hummingbird algorithm update has shifted the whole scenario.

The update assists Google get a better idea of both good content and long-tail keywords and phrases. This ultimately causes bigger issues as Google continues to evolve, so ensure to maintain both of these on your website.

  • Combine Content Marketing Campaigns With Technical SEO

Technical SEO is excellent and your business website wants it. It ensures that the site is at par with finest levels and different online practices. But it doesn’t automatically bring visitors. Technical search engine optimisation doesn’t get your website on Google’s first page. To acquire the best results, you need to do various things other than your competition. What you really need here is content marketing.


Here are some tips to pair and use these two together to generate best result.

  • Writing content that renowned websites would appreciate to link to.
  • Content creation based on keyword info.
  • Developing excellent content rather than aiming for large portions.
  • Things that includes comprehensive FAQs on your site.
  • To increase chances of guest posting, concentrate on industry specific blogs.
  • Whenever possible, do Cross linking.
  • Concentrating on indirect conversions.

Whenever you merge regular written content marketing strategies with search engine optimisation finest practices, you can crush the competitiveness in search, whilst also creating awesome content material that provides enormous benefit on your visitors.

  • Difference Between Implied And Expressed Links

Few years ago, Google filed a patent that explains quite clearly the difference between implied and expressed back links. After breaking it down, it comes to this:

  • Only the resource is mentioned in implied links, but don’t give a real link to click.
  • An actual connection to the resource stated is given by expressed links.

Implied links are important on your campaign because Google will proceed to put prefer brand signals. These links establish you as an authority in your field and that’s something Google wants to see.

How will you utilise the above mentioned steps in 2015 to produce fruitful results?

SEO proceeds to evolve continuously with each passing year. If your business commits a mistake of neglecting these developments, you’ll find yourself liable to being penalised and ranked poorly. No place is left to commit any errors nowadays.

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Master these crucial details and set together a good strategy to employ them into your campaign. You can be in front and stay away from the negative effects that come from regular SEO updates and changes.

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Local SEO is quite essential to capture nearby consumers who might be trying to find products and services offered by you.

By optimising the site, together with your company’s listings on websites (like Google My Business), you'll be able to attain online visibility in search engine results page when a consumer is seeking the services you offer. Without Local SEO, your competitors will score and you’ll be nowhere in competition.

Look at the significant role of local SEO nowadays:  

  • Almost 92% of customers have used the internet services to seek out local businesses in 2014.
  • Over the years, a decline has been noticed in the distribution of Yellow pages, ending their supply in certain areas.
  • The dependence on search engines for regional corporations is likely to rise, especially as phones are becoming smarter, which makes it quite easy to obtain information on-the-go.

 Number of people using internet to seek out local services

There are plenty of things that go into local search engine marketing results. A great part of these are reviewed in the straightforward local search engine marketing checklist, so here’s a summary of many critical factors to help you become successful in Local market.

To know more local SEO Tips, you can read our blog posts: “Boost Your Local SEO Campaign with These Excellent Tips”.

  • Google My Business Web Page

Whilst Google+ could possibly be rumoured to be useless, the reality is that it’s simply not correct. Your Google My Business company profile, and especially its associated reviews, becomes visible often when users perform regional queries.

The easiest way to improve and increase your nearby search engine optimisation with Google My Business would be to update it with details about your business and get a personalized URL. The details will turn out to be the Meta description from the search results. Provide the details you believe precisely signify your company.

It’s good to confirm your contact info, including your business email and site, as this helps in establishing authority. Your organization name needs to be what consumers know you as commonly and would seek for you by the same name. It’s vital local search engine marketing to employ your exact address and other details. Make sure that your website has a proper listing on Google Maps.  

One more advantage of having a Google My business page becomes more obvious. Take a look at the image below.

 Straight Up Marketing map

Reviews are excellent to spice up clarity for your online business, and opinions motivate promotion. Majority of people are relying on reviews to get a better idea about the product or services they’re about to purchase. Getting positive reviews is an important part of the Google+ method.

Additionally it is vital that you define categories so you appear appropriately on search engine results, and list the hours you provide services. Lastly, make sure to include things like an image to make your Google My Business web page look more professional.

  • Build Your NAP Everywhere

 “NAP” means your company’s Name, Address and phone details. Providing NAP data d on external websites, which include directories and sites related to your industry, is crucial for local SEO strategy. Every mention of your organization on the net is called a “citation,” and you should simply get maximum citations possible.

 Build Your NAP Everywhere

How can you make this happen successfully? Remember, it’s all about consistency. Be clear that your name, address, and contact number are precise at every place you’re doing promotion. Don’t add excess keywords in the identity of your business, so let it be more about what people recognise you with.

  • Getting Reviews

Reviews can simply make or break your company. No matter whether you’re on Facebook, Google+, Yahoo, or, you getting people’s opinions someday and they better be positive in nature.

Among the finest stuff you can perform for your business enterprise is to stay active about customer support for both detrimental and optimistic responses. This creates an optimistic impression about your business among the consumers. It shows that you care about the need of consumers, if you thank them for a positive response and apologise for a bad experience.

  • Responsive Website

Mobile-friendliness is a must have nowadays. Almost 75% of searches on Smartphone result in offline purchases. If your site isn’t good enough to manage mobile website traffic, then that’s something you should have fixed long before.

You can use Google mobile-friendly test to determine whether your business website renders to the need of Smartphone users or not.

If it doesn’t appear good, then you must get responsive design as soon as possible. Even Google has rolled out an update in April (Mobilegeddon) that punishes all the websites that don’t have a proper responsive design. So, if you want to stay in Google’s good books then go for responsive design.

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There are many of solutions to generate traffic for your business website. Social networking platforms have surely become one of the best free of charge sources that can drive in lots of traffic for you website. As a matter of the fact, nearly every person using the internet features at least one profile on any one of the social media website.

Majority of such people today check up on these profiles generally and utilise them as a source to learn what’s new and trending in the world. Social media sites have also become a source to seek out which products and services they wish to purchase.

Though people may not consciously comprehend it at the time, but they are literally aiding digital marketers to narrow their demographic information even further through all the free details being provided by the users of social media platforms. That is perfect for the marketers who know how to use data for their gain.

Using various types of social media platforms to get free traffic to your website may be a little tough if you aren’t aware very well what you will be doing. You need to most likely start off by getting out all of the knowledge you may need about your area of interest's demographic.

You can achieve this by reaching out to a lot of people as you can on social media platforms and find out the people who are fascinated and who really purchases your products or services. In this manner you are able to attain tons of valuable information about your consumers and narrow down your demographic.

Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Blogger, Google+ are some of the most popular social networking platforms that can play a crucial role in bringing traffic for your business website. Have a look at the chart below which explains the market share of some social media network websites in Australia.

 Social Media To Generate Traffic For Your Business Website

You'll be able to critically begin to do highly qualified digital marketing and advertising on these social media platforms and generating so much traffic that you’ll be left amazed. You will be encountering lots of visitors if you abide by the procedure. Everyone knows sales are the next thing to follow when you get tons of targeted traffic.

Want more stuff on Social Media Marketing? Read our blog post: “Social Media Marketing: Increase Your Presence in 2015”.

Moreover, the greater targeted traffic you obtain the bigger sales you can make. It is truly as easy as that. Many online digital marketing firms say that they can get you all the targeted traffic in just a few clicks. We all know that will not happen, however, you may succeed if you are doing the do the job well and stick to a tested procedure that has worked well for others.

You can fulfil your goals of hiring an effective digital marketing agency and achieving all of the dreams that you aspire about. All you need to do is to find well established SEO and web design firm that can help you to achieve your goals.

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Google is honestly the best spot to get recognition on the web. When you have your site on the first page for majority of your key words then this is significantly the smartest thing that you could do marketing of your website.

Check what happens when your business site begins to hit page one rankings. You are going to see a tremendous increase in website enquiries additionally you may discover the phone start to ring and email floods.

The major issue with this scenario is that Google usually has places for only 10 websites on its page 1 and to get your website there for some specific competitive search phrases might be quite difficult, if not impossible.

This is a vital reason that why you need to look at other online search engines to receive far greater targeted traffic for your website traffic. Keep in mind that Google is actually only one option to generate traffic for your website.

In this article, Straight Up Marketing expert will explain you how to attract visitors through areas which you might not have considered yet.

Google is no doubt extremely competitive. Reaching the first page of Google is only half the fight and the remaining half is the continuous fight to maintain the website rankings and keep them stable. This is why firms need to hire services of a digital marketing agency that may the firm’s profile on the net and bring in visitors from locations other than Google.

  • Let’s evaluate the SEO scenario:

Have you ever considered search engines other than Google like Yahoo or Bing? Many people make a BIG mistake of neglecting the importance of achieving high ranks on search engines other than Google. Yes, Google is a giant in the search engine industry, but that doesn’t means that others don’t have a role to play in bringing in the much needed traffic for your business website.

 Google is leading

This graph clearly explains that though Google is leading the market, but others are not far behind.

Social Media is another terrific way to enhance your user base and these tools are free and simple to use. The problem here's that many corporations do not have enough time or the experience to fully utilise the benefits that social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterst can convey.

Posting, tweeting, sharing, having real followers is really time-consuming, but the benefits are there. To accomplish measurable results from the social networking websites isn't just as effortless as it looks. That is why no matter what’s your business size is, you need at least some kind of social websites campaign. You don’t have to do much however be active in this field.

If you looking forward to dominate your market then should be crafting and providing unique information in form of valuable content related to the products and services you provide on your website. To put it differently you should do blogging.

Your website will look fresh and updated, if you keep on publishing content through your blog page. Your website pages will also be indexed through blog posting. Blogs related to the products & services provided by you make your website an authoritative voice among the users.

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One of the biggest misconceptions about Smartphone is that people assume it’s all right if mobile devices offer just a part of the content available on the desktop version of the website. Some experts state that users only require quick and focused resources on their Smartphone, since the desktop will always be the popular option for more detailed and in-depth research.

But, what about users who don’t prefer to use desktops? What about users who give preference to mobile devices over desktops? Users searching for similar information and just prefer a different type of device, so the Smartphone users are your preferred clients also.

  • Attracting the Smartphone users

The rise of Smartphone ensured that a large number of people are surfing through their mobile devices. Various researches have shown that more than 70% of Australians used different types of mobile devices to surf the internet in 2015. Majority of these users mentioned that Smartphone are the main way they access the websites. It is a substantial and escalating number of users whose needs aren’t staying fulfilled by regular desktop experiences.

To know more Mobile Optimisation, you can read our blog post: Why You Must Optimise Website for Mobile.

Increase in number of mobile users

Some of these customers could possibly have use of a common Computer as well as a broadband link at home, school or office, but usually these are shared gadgets or simply not private. For a personalized and always online experience, these users decide to count on their phones.

For those who’re attempting to attain targeted audiences, don’t ignore mobile-only consumers. A Small report:

54 % of Australian teenagers who own Smartphone say that they access the online world mostly on their mobile phones. In the same way, 40 % of people aged 19 to 29 reported that they largely go online using a Smartphone.

51% of working class people in Australia who use a mobile product to access the net say that’s the main way they do browsing. This is quite a large percentage compared to working class people who use desktops to access the internet.

People whose income is fewer than AUD 30,000 a year and individuals with no university education will also be far more likely to rely on their Smartphone to surf net. Almost 42% of individuals in these groups say they primarily use their mobile device to go online. Healthcare, NGOs, government institutions and businesses that want to target these groups of consumers should keep in mind that their target audience rely majorly on Smartphone.

percentage of smartphone user accessing internet

But Smartphone users aren’t only limited to these demographics. Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon and Wikipedia, all see about 40% of their website traffic from mobile users.

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Backlinks keep on being an integral part of Google’s search algorithm, basically going about as "votes" for your site. Yet, not all links are made equal!

Five years back when numerous SEO campaigns were centred on making large number backlinks. In 2015, the situation has changed and it isn’t like that the more backlinks you have, the higher your site will rank in Google.

Modern link building is a dubious world to explore. Particularly now backlinks which are bad can have your site punished by Google. So how would you make a Google friendly backlinking campaign that enables your site to show up on the first page of Google's search pages?

Here are a few tips that will help grow a quality backlink portfolio without showing up spammy or being punished by Google.

  • Consider Website Traffic

External link building is not about discovering websites that give your site a support of SEO despite the fact that it is important). Consider important websites inside of your specialty. Which websites do you visit, do you discover profitable, and give an exceptional asset to you? If these are helpful for you, they are liable to be appreciated by your visitors as well.

  • Make a differing arrangement of backlinks

Backlinks eventually tell Google that your site is dependable and valuable for a certain group of people. By making a different collection of backlinks, Google will have the capacity to understand that various websites and online stages think well about your content, connecting to it – and Google rewards you for that.

  • Anchor Text Diversity

When you are attempting to get your site in rank, you are attempting to get it to rank for certain keywords. Abstain from utilising these keywords more than once in anchor text and this is a major warning to Google that you are building connections to control the rankings. Rather, work your keyword into a mixed bag of common expressions, making anchor text in differing qualities that Google will affirm of.

  • Avoid external links (site-wide)

External links (site-wide) are regularly found in site footer on every page of a site. Internal webpage links are not an issue and it would be hard to explore a site without them. External links are dealt with in an unexpected way. Google will regularly accept they are paid connections regardless of the fact that they are not, particularly if they link to unrelated sites, so keep away from site wide links.

  • Try not to be a spammer

To get success in link building, you have to assemble a profile of different inbound links. Don't be a spammer, no matter what you do because Google simply hates spamming.

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Apple has acquired GPS software company Coherent Navigation in a move to bolster Apple Maps' location and mapping capabilities. 

Apple has not had a smooth ride in the mapping business. Apple Maps was blighted with problems and inaccuracies at launch, and the firm apologised to its customers and suggested that they use alternatives like Google Maps.

The software has improved since then, and Apple has now boosted its capabilities with the Coherent Navigation buy.

Apple rarely comments on acquisitions and has simply released its usual confirmation statement: "Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans."

The MacRumours website was first with the news, reporting that senior Coherent Navigation staffers left the company for Apple in the past few weeks and that the company website has been closed down. The domain name now points at Apple's servers.

The Linkedin page of former CEO of Coherent Navigation, Paul Lego, lists working at Apple since January 2015, where he simply states he is a "Member of Apple Maps Team".

Coherent Navigation uses the Iridium satellite network to provide accurate location information, and Lego's LinkedIn profile about the company says it works with firms in industries including agriculture, construction, mining, and oil and gas exploration.

"Coherent also does both classified and unclassified work for the US government," he added.

Apple has repeatedly added resources and skills to its Mapping business, with the acquisition of a firm called Spotsetter in 2014 which provides social information overlaid on maps, recommending activities, places to eat and sites of interest.

Last month, Google Maps also updated to recommend related search results as part of its mapping features. 

This article was originally published on V3.

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Treating digital marketing as an option

You always need to give extra time for your business digital marketing strategy, as it not just a one day job.

The business model need to be studied and accordingly the strategy should be implemented.

Ignoring the next step

Always keep in mind the next step is the most important thing that you should never miss, say you spend a lot of money in your digital marketing strategy to bring your prospective customers, but you dint set up a medium through which they can be converted. ‘Call to Action’ is the most important thing.

Live chat is never dead

Having a live chat option on your website gives you an extra edge, from conversion point of view as you visitors can directly interact with your business personals and can sort out any service or problem they want to discuss.

Launching and leaving

Whatever platform you start engaging in, whether it’s a website, a Facebook fan page, twitter or anything else. Try to be a contributor always, always keep your platform engaged, so you don’t lose your old clients and if you want to stop the engagement then remove everything related to that product, service business or anything stating a message to the upcoming visitors something like “WE ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR NOW” or anything that suits best.

Responsive website

Responsive website is the buzz word. If you are still not aware about the thing then you are not yet ready for the online business world.

Optimise your website for all other devices including desktop, to improve visibility and conversion for a web site, as we already know that, the number of smart Phone and tablet users have increased tremendously in the recent past.

Measuring everything and doing nothing

If your are good with fact finding then it’s a good thing, but if you are not converting those findings in creating a solid platform for your digital marketing strategy then it’s of no use.

So, just check in your Google analytics and web masters account set up dash boards that can help you in filtering a of data and finding what need to be done further for improvements in your digital strategy.

Posting from a search

Well if you are posting anything from a search always try to give credit to the real owner. This will help you a lot in all the ways.

Following all this can help you out with your digital marketing strategy and keep you out with any kind of legal issues.

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Brands like MillerCoors and 1-800-Flowers consider emojis and stickers a non-disruptive way to engage consumers on messaging apps, the world's most popular app category.

Emojis are the new conversation currency according to a panel at Internet Week's Mobile Media Summit in New York City.

According to recent Business Insider intelligence, the world's top four mobile messaging platforms have surpassed the world's top four social networks. In the U.S., social still trumps mobile messaging, though the medium dominates the top app categories in the U.K., Germany, Japan and South Korea. Emojis and sticker packs are one of the only ways brands can enter the messaging app space without being disruptive, according to Amit Shah, senior vice president of online, mobile and social media for 1-800-Flowers.com.

Shah points out that while TV and radio have been around for 100 years and digital, while not that old, is also fairly established at this point, mobile is still in its infancy.

"When you talk about mobile, the mediums are still contesting themselves. Messaging just aggregated the audience at scale," he said. "People are using this medium to go a little bit deeper about how they exchange communication, so essentially, mediums are trying to establish themselves as a currency."

Recently, 1-800-Flowers launched a sticker pack for Mother's Day, which resulted in 750,000 shares. Shares are ultimately more important than clicks, according to Evan Wray, co-founder of digital sticker start-up Swyft, who moderated the panel.

"Conversions are important, but continued conversions are more important because that's when consumers become brand advocates," said Wray, whose company just announced Swyft Emoji Keyboards, which will allow brands to create their own custom emoji keyboards. "[Stickers and emojis] appeal to the emotional side so someone turns around and says, 'I'm going to send this to my friends, my family, the people I'm talking to every day in messaging apps.'"

Wray believes the growing popularity of messaging apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Kik are changing the face of social, which makes it that much more important for marketers to engage people there. Dilini Fernando, digital marketing manager for MillerCoors, says this is especially true for brands looking to reach Millennials, a group whose spending is projected to reach $200 billion by 2017.

Fernando cited a statistic that says it takes the average Millennial 26 hours to report a missing credit card, a significantly longer time than it would take most mobile users to take action if they lost their phones.

"[Smartphones are] an extension of themselves and it's making a shift in how we think about marketing to this group," Fernando said.

Like 1-800-Flowers, MillerCoors has seen success with digital stickers. The beer brand made several sticker packs, including one for football and another in response to the popularity of dating apps like Tinder and JSwipe.

"The first few interactions [between people] used to happen at a bar over a cold beer. Now they're happening online, so we created a fun, playful pack all about breaking the ice," Fernando said. "You can send a gift with emoji to someone you're chatting with."

MillerCoors' sticker packs were responsible for 702,000 shares, with the most-shared sticker being a product shot of two hands clinking Coors bottles.

Source:  clickz

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Google is going to hop on the buy button bandwagon, but will the tech giant be able to become an online marketplace like Amazon?

In a move to increase its retail search traffic and advertising revenue, Google is going to add buy buttons to its search results pages on mobile devices.

The buttons will show up in paid search results under a "Shop on Google" heading at the top of a page. They won't appear in the unpaid results or when users look for products on desktop.

When shoppers click on the buy buttons, they will be directed to a product page on Google where they can choose product sizes and colors as well as complete the purchase. If consumers opt in, Google will store credit card information and automatically load it for future transactions.

Google's move to buy buttons seems natural most industry insiders, according to Dave Ragals, global managing director of search at IgnitionOne, a digital marketing technology company. "It's hardly a surprise," Ragals says. "As mobile continues to grow, it's the right place for Google to start expanding. Specifically, for mobile in retail, Google is still at a disadvantage in comparison to Amazon. On Amazon, eBay or Esty, consumers can search and buy all in one place, which is something that Google hasn't offered before."

It seems Google is positioning itself to be an online marketplace like Amazon by allowing shoppers to save their payment information and facilitating the buying process. But one hurdle here, according to Ragals, is how Google is going to manage consumer needs after purchases, such as product returns.

"The true question is how Google will maintain the relationships with consumers post-purchase," Ragals says. What's Google's policy going to be? And how involved is Google going to be with retailers in that process? I don't think Google can become a centralized marketplace without addressing these questions."

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google will still be paid by retailers through its existing advertising model, rather than charging part of the sales price as Amazon does.

As an online marketplace, Amazon handles all consumer transactions and is responsible for all purchases and returns. In that sense, they are providing significant value for what they are charging, but Google isn't yet equipped to adopt a similar model, according to industry participants.

Ragals doesn't think Google is going to switch from its existing advertising model to Amazon's model anytime soon.

"Essentially, Google can create revenue by building a significant presence in the retail search business as well as gaining advertising dollars and users' purchase data in its system," he adds.

Google is not the first technology company that is tapping into buy buttons. Last year, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram also experimented with this functionality.

"It's a logical next step when they put ideas and products in front of people. If you really like something on Pinterest and want to buy it, Pinterest doesn't want you to go to Amazon or Google," Ragals notes. "By adding buy buttons, those platforms can keep users in their own garden and make them buy through its own system."

This article was originally published on Search Engine Watch.

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