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Do you know that organic search results and seo-authority are responsible for generating more than 60% traffic for websites? Optimise your website if you want a steady stream of visitors and want it to rank high in search engines. Hire a SEO expert who can help you to understand the insights of SEO and can deliver excellent results for your SEO Gold Coast campaign.

Google keeps updating Panda and Penguin on regular basis. These updates help Google to improve search results by determining a good web page and understanding the content on pages.

One of the best ways to create a high search ranking website is by implementing the ABCs (Authority, Build and Connect) of SEO.

  • Authority

Authority can be defined as a measure taken by search engine to determine the value of your website and its content. Authority plays a major role in search rankings because almost all the search engines assume that the best answers to search queries are provided by authority websites.

By becoming a trusted expert and resource for consumers, your website can gain authority online. Your experience, expertise in producing high quality content and links to your content contribute greatly in increasing your online authority. Consistently sharing great ideas with relevant, engaging, valuable and meaningful content reflect your expertise. You can optimise your website by including content that ranks high in image, blog, video, local, product, news and mobile searches.

  • Build

Apart from considering the content of your website, search engines also take into account how your site and pages are built. In search engine rankings technical optimisation is an important factor for your website. Websites rank higher which have a straightforward linking structure, clear architecture, mobile-friendly, Meta tags and load at a faster rate.

Ensure that your website code is not bloated and is squeaky clean because pages with a higher content-to-code ratio that load quickly are rewarded by all the search engines. By using JavaScript and CSS outside of the page, you can minimise inline HTML coding as this helps in keeping each page as slim as possible.

  • Connect

Another important factor in website ranking is that how well your website is linked to other websites on the internet. Your site’s authority will increase if it has quality back links from other websites having good authority. Higher search rankings often correlate with links from social media sites, but to a lesser degree.

Ensure that your readers’ find it easy to share your content and this can be achieved by providing social media buttons on every page, post, email and press release.

Monthly Archives: March 2015

Many people thought that it is impossible, but mobile or smart hand held devices have been replacing desktop computers at q quite faster rate. Nowadays, mobile devices have become a major choice for accessing the web.

When talking about mobile devices, it has become inevitable not to talk about responsive websites. Such sites are optimised to work effectively on both desktop and mobile devices. You can hire a web design Gold Coast based company to make your site fully responsive in design.

In short, by going mobile you need to adapt with the changing times and cut the risk of missing out on your excellent cash-generating opportunities. So, here are some tips to make website more mobile-friendly:

  • Always Start with Mobile Design

When it’s about designing a mobile site, you have two options. First option is to ask the web design Gold Coast agency to create a site which is either adaptive or responsive. Such site will be able to resize automatically and provide viewers an optimal viewing experience. A web design Gold Coast agency can easily make mobile-friendly designs.

In second option, you can opt to create a completely independent or different mobile version of your website. It’s advisable that if you lack in knowledge about design or coding, then hire a web design Gold Coast based company that can help you in every stage of website development.

  • Make the Content ‘Mobilised’

When you choose a new mobile website then to boost the user experience you need to observe and implement certain key design elements. Here are the elements you need to consider:

  • Incorporate Brand: try not to cut the content to such an extent that it makes it hard to identify it. By copying the fonts, icons, logo and colour schemes, you can incorporate your brand elements into the mobile site.
  • Simplify the Content: The screen sizes are getting bigger still these are small compared to laptop or desktop screens. Instead of long paragraphs of text provide content in short blocks which is easily readable. Your site visitors are reading on-the-go, so try your level best to make it easy for them to read and this can be achieved by getting rid of the clutter and cutting down the content on the website.
  • Keep the Text Entry to Minimum: With hand held devices, many people often find it uncomfortable to enter excessive text entries. So, you can either go with drop-down menu or checklist options.
  • Provide your Phone Number: It makes a lot easier for mobile users to get in touch with you in few clicks.

Monthly Archives: March 2015

Website building seems like quite an easy thing to do and people often wonder why websites take a long time to finish. Do you want to know what web developers and web designers do while you wait for your site is created? 

Lets’ have step by step look at the web design and web development process: 

  • Planning - The Most Important Step

The web design Gold Coast agency will consider discussions and documents provided by the client to research more about targeted audience, the target demographic and the types of visitors you want for your site. The planning phase includes:

  • Review of proposed website plan
  • Information design and site structure
  • Functionality requisites
  • User experience /site navigation
  • Time frame and site priorities
  • Competitive analysis

These wire frames will be developed by the web design Gold Coast agency to show that their work on your project aligns with your vision and objectives.  

  • Mock ups based on the wireframes are designed

The web design Gold Coast based company will present you mock ups which allows you not only to review the site, but also to suggest changes that you want to make. This also starts a review phase in which in which you and the web design Gold Coast agency will send revisions back and forth until a designed is finalised. Once the website design is finalised then it will be sent to the web development Gold Coast team to be built.

If you’re based in Gold Coast, it is better if you hire a local web Design Gold Coast agency so you can meet face to face and discuss revisions effectively and the whole campaign will speed up.

  • Development phase

This is surely the longest part of the website creation process especially if you opt for a complex site like a directory website, database driven website or getting custom applications designed & developed. The website development phase includes:

  • Assembling of the site (CSS, HTML and templates)
  • Standards-compliant CSS and HTML
  • Image slicing
  • Cross-browser compatibility

The web design Gold Coast agency develops the templates and all of the back end functionality, this is why it is the longest phase in website creation. Elements like CMS and Drupal come into play.

  • Deployment

This is the final stage in which final reviews are made and testing is done to make the website live. This includes:

  • Load and stress testing
  • Performance
  • Bug resolution
  • Establishment of the production environment
  • Final sign off and launch

Monthly Archives: March 2015

Majority of people relate search engine optimisation (SEO) with content marketing. It’s true that high quality content plays a major role in rocketing any SEO Gold Coast campaign. However, there are many other options available that you can consider for boosting your SEO Gold Coast campaign.

Many SEO Gold Coast based campaigners see social media platforms as a separate entity that is given a different strategy. Though it can be used independently, still you can align it with your SEO campaign to get the best results. Social media campaign for SEO Gold Coast will help you to improve your brand awareness and increase your domain authority, resulting in better ranks on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

  • Build Your Following

Google considers your social media following for domain authority. For example, if your company’s page has 10,000 followers on Twitter and 10,000 likes on Facebook then you’ll surely be given higher search rankings and higher authority compared to a competitor company that has 100 followers and 100 likes. By engaging with your audience directly and by regularly posting relevant material, you can easily build your following. Remember, Google can identify, whether your likes and followers are real or spam.

  • Share Content

Social media platforms offer an excellent opportunity to enhance the reach of your high quality content. For example, if you have written a blog or article about your brand then just by posting it on social media platforms you can share it with thousands of followers. This way you’ll earn more traffic and get more attention for your website.

  • Posts Should be Optimised for Search

Recently, Google and Twitter have joined as partners, so now your tweets will also show in Google search results. Therefore, you better optimise your posts to increase their chances of showing up on search results pages. This can be easily achieved by including targeted keywords that tend to bring in more traffic than usual.

  • To Earn Shares You Use Can Viral Content

The high number of and shares you get on social media is a contributing factor in your domain authority. For example, if a particular post which you have shared on social media platforms receives 1,000 retweets or shares then it will increase not only your reputation, but rankings as well. So, you need to create viral content that can go viral easily.

  • Engage With Businesses  Similar to Yours

If you’re planning to optimise your website for local searches, then you should engage similar businesses on various social media platforms. Search for businesses or companies in your neighbourhood or in industries where you operate. This will surely help you in your SEO Gold Coast campaign.

Monthly Archives: March 2015

For the last 1 year, many SEO experts have issued warning to small businesses without responsive or mobile websites will be getting affected by a major Google update planned to be rolled out on April 21. This major update by Google would affect more than 30% traffic of the websites that don’t have a responsive design.

Previous major updates by Google have just targeted problems like “black hat SEO” and have penalised business websites that were indulged in tricks like cloaking and buying links.

Google stated on its Webmaster Central Blog that the search engine giant will be rolling out a major update to its search result pages on April 21. The update will rank mobile-friendly websites higher than the sites that still doesn’t have a responsive design.

Search engine giant Google said “Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimised for their devices,”

“Starting today, we will begin to use information from indexed apps as a factor in ranking for signed-in users who have the app installed. As a result, we may now surface content from indexed apps more prominently in search.”

Google has asked web developers to use its mobile-friendly test and read its guide to mobile-friendly websites, who aren’t sure how to comply their designs.

This is the first time Google has openly revealed that changes are set to roll out, though the search engine giant has been asking site owners to improve their SEO for some time now. For about 12 months, the company has been warning site owners to get mobile-friendly or responsive in design.

Out of 200 ranking signals used by Google to rank pages of websites, being mobile-friendly will now counted to be a major one. The company hasn’t clearly mentioned that there will be any penalty on websites which are not mobile-friendly, but we can assume that mobile-friendly sites will rank a lot higher than sites that aren’t mobile-friendly.

SEO Gold Coast experts have stated that it’s unlikely that Google will penalise the desktop version of a business site which isn’t mobile-friendly, but the update will surely prove to be a major factor on mobile devices.

So, you need to ensure that your business website should have a responsive design website or a mobile-optimised version to protect or even increase traffic of your site.

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Just a decade back, websites were designed for users with a desktop, but now the scenario has changed and more people are switching to mobile devices from desktop computers. More and more smart or mobile devices are hitting the market every day. If you have not made the necessary settings then your website would look terrible on small screen devices.

A renowned web design Gold Coast based firm knows how to think and work differently to make websites accessible from various types of devices. It’s quite simple to achieve this goal, you need to keep in mind that the easier your website is to use on mobile devices, the happier your clients will be.

  • What you get from it?

As a business owner, you should be aware that how a responsive design increase your reach, extend your brand, gets clients to revisit and convert visitors into consumers. You need to understand how the whole campaign works and a renowned web design Gold Coast based firm will provide services like:

  • Your website users are given a better experience on all screens.  
  • Making a responsive website which is good for your SEO Gold Coast campaign
  • Make your web design less expensive and more efficient
  • As the world moves to mobile computing, the web design Gold Coast based firm should show you how to get a competitive edge
  • Fixed screen size: Design of the past

Just a decade back, desktops and laptops were the only places where websites were opened or seen. The browsing windows used to fill up the whole screen of the computers. Every user had the same experience with websites as there’s was only a single screen size. But, the scenario has changed and that’s not the case today!

  • Say hello to Smart Phones

Right from the very initial days, Smart Phones have made a significant mark. These devices came with different screen sizes and are now easily available to everyone. It would be unfair if role of Apple iPhone is not mentioned here. Though many Smart Phone companies have delivered amazing products, still Apple iPhone has simply revolutionised the whole industry.

Today’s lifestyle has become quite hectic and Smart Phones work wonders in this situation. Now with help of Smart Phones people can search the internet from anywhere. This has resulted in a great boom in the online business industry. Companies are making million by selling their products and services online.

Do the above mentioned points ring in bells in your mind? Is your business website easily accessible from all types of devices? If not, then this is the right time to hire a web design agency that can make your business website fully responsive.

Monthly Archives: March 2015

Here are some common mistakes that you need to avoid, if you want to make your business website a success.

  • Don’t Rush: If you’re planning to hire a web design Gold Coast agency then ensure that you give appropriate time period to the web designers, so that they can deliver the best possible results. Allow time for proper planning, effective project management and demo reviews.
  • Avoid Templates: Your business website is the face of your company and it affects the minds of consumers. Consumers often judge the quality of products and services just by looking at the website. So, you need to ensure that you stay away from the cheap templates available on the internet as these can portray a wrong image of your company.
  • Don't Try designing Yourself: the sole purpose of business websites is to promote the products & services offered by you. Web designers are expert in their work and can provide excellent results for and web design Gold Coast campaign, so you need to leave the designing work for the designers.
  • Avoid Bad Content: Many businesses often make a huge mistake of providing content for their websites which is low in quality and comprises of only 1 or 2 paragraphs. Just like images, content is equally important for a website as visitors get a better idea about your vision, goals, products and services through effective content.
  • Avoid Being Noisy: Ensure that you don’t install creepy videos or audio that starts playing automatically when someone visits your site. Though videos are important for a website, but you need to give play/stop option to the visitors. Automatically playing videos or audio might shoo away the potential consumers.
  • Don't Be Heavy: We have discussed above that content is quite important for any website, but you also need to ensure that it doesn’t makes the site loading heavy. Websites that are heavy or take a lot of time to load turns the users away. You can ask your web design Gold Coast firm to resolve this issue.

Don't Make a Mistake of Avoiding Responsive: It’s not a hidden secret anymore that more and more people are using various types of smart devices to access the internet. People are not only surfing websites, but they are also making transitions and doing online shopping on a large scale. Responsive websites automatically adapt to different screen sizes of various devices (mobile phones, tablets etc). Ensure that you don’t commit a crime of not making your website fully responsive.

Monthly Archives: March 2015

With the rise in numbers of internet users, majority of businesses own a website to promote or sell their products & services. Many businesses are either planning or in the process of getting a website created with help of a web design Gold Coast agency.

Some people get favourable results, love the final results and have a great experience working with web design Gold Coast firm. On the other hand, some of you may have a hard time in achieving the desired results. So, how to make the website designing process a smooth one?

Ensure that you choose a local web design Gold Coast agency that can understand all your requirements. It’s true that web designing work is done online, but having face to face talks & discussions are still a better option. You can review various designs and get the best results from the whole campaign.

  • Take Time to Plan

Don’t rush the whole campaign as doing so will simply make everything take even longer. If the web designer fails to understand your requirements or if the campaign isn’t planned properly then there will be some edits left which had to be done even after the site is completed. A web designer needs to understand many things while designating or developing a website like your business background, your goals – reason of developing the site, etc

  • Keep the Content Ready

To effectively design and to deliver excellent results the web design Gold Coast agency to fully understand the site structure. The web designer should be able to see the content which they will use to populate your website’s pages with. If you keep the content ready then it will less time in designing & development.

  • Outline Your Needs

If you want the web designer to deliver excellent results then first figure out that what you actually want. Ensure you find out about your preferences or likes and dislikes. You may have visited many websites and even liked some of their designs, so you can take inspirations from those designs and mix them with your ideas to create a unique web design.

  • Make Fast Decisions

Late responses from the managing department can slow down the whole designing campaign. Ensure that your team of decision makers are always ready and swift to response for any query or issue. After the web designer provides the demo, you need to response quickly to start the website development process.

  • The Campaign Takes Time

You need to clear your mind right from the inception that web designing campaigns take time. Your web design Gold Coast firm can guide you on what to expect.

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Choosing a web design Gold Coast based company can prove to be big task and you need to give a proper thought before hiring one. A good and appealing web design will attract visitors and may work wonders for your business.

To make the decision making process easier for you, here are a few things that can help you in making the right choice.

  • What Are Your Expectations From The Website?

What are you expecting your business website to achieve? This is the first thing that you must be very clear about right from the beginning. Think about your goals, business aims and how you’re going to measure success. For example, if you have an e-commerce website then the sales number will determine success.

Or, if you have a business and want to promote to the targeted audience then the site will be more of an educational tool, providing info about your products and details. Once you are clear about the role of your business site, the web design Gold Coast company can made a better website for you.

  • How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

Remember, total cost is one of the major factors which influence your decision in choosing web design Gold Coast based company. “You get what you pay for” is an old saying that fits best in the world of web design Gold Coast. Don’t go for the web design Gold Coast agency that offers cheap rates as it may fail to deliver favourable results. Therefore, you need to consider your budget and find a company that provides excellent service.

  • Does The Web Design Gold Coast Company Have A Good Portfolio?

Find out that for how long the web design Gold Coast agency has operating which you’re planning to hire. Well established companies have better experience in working with different industries and can deliver proven solutions. Check testimonials and portfolio to find more about the web design Gold Coast agency.

  • How Long Will It Take To Build The Site?

You need to be quite realistic about timescales of designing your business website. Don’t rush things as it takes time to create a proper working responsive website. Therefore, you need to figure out the total time to create your business website.

  • What Are The Additional Services The Web Design Gold Coast Company Offers?

You can ask the web design Gold Coast based company to manage the content and SEO for the website also. SEO Gold Coast will help you to reach your target audience. SEO and content are additional services that are offered by majority of web design Gold Coast agencies.

Monthly Archives: March 2015

This article will help you to identify pages that are considered important in forming a website structure. Hire a web design Gold Coast based company that can help you to understand the basic structure of a website and how to make it look attractive & user friendly.

  • Homepage

First page a website must have is a good homepage that have the power to grab visitors’ attention quickly. People expect to see the homepage first while visiting a website as it gives them the idea that what’s the site is all about. However, visitors often stay on a website for a very short time period and have a tendency to switch to other site, so a homepage must be good enough to make a good first impression!

Your business website’s homepage should:

  • Grab visitor’s attention
  • Create an excellent first impression
  • Conveys the value proposition
  • Summarise what your business provides
  • Have a call to action like link to a contact form, show the phone number or sign up to our newsletter, etc
  • Products & Services Page

After viewing your homepage, if interest is generated in the visitors then they will find out more about the products & services your business website has to offer. You can also add the link of your main product or service in the site’s navigation menu. This makes it a lot easier for the visitors to find what they’re looking for and enables you to track the best performing sections of the site.

  • About Us Page

People are always a bit curious about the persons with whom they’re doing business and wish to seek more information about the company owners and employees. People often like to know when the company was set up and started, also the past experience of other clients. Here, About Us page can serve as an excellent platform to express yourself and your business.

  • Subscription Page

People who visit your website and spend some time on it clearly reflects the fact they’re interested in the products or services offered by your company, so you shouldn’t waste any time in getting their details. You can either feature a small form that enables the visitors to sign up to the newsletter or ask for email addresses in exchange for free tutorials. All you need to ensure is to have a page on the site that increases your contact database.

  • Contact Page

Provide your website visitors with all the necessary information required to make a contact with you or your company. A contact page has details like address, email addresses, telephone number or even a Contact Us form also.

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