Enhancing your social media popularity is important on a personal level; as well as a way of establishing your brand as a product or services that people trust and desire. A credible online presence can quickly allow you to make a positive impact on social media on the Gold Coast.

These five tips will help your social media visibility, reputation and popularity:

1.      Always Complete Your Social Profiles

Make the most of your social media profiles by ensuring they are complete and positive. Many people use these as a way to get an insight into who you are and if your personality and if your accomplishments are compatible and of interest to them.

Each platform has a different approach where you have an opportunity to highlight your attributes and interesting aspects.

·         Facebook

The about section of Facebook profiles is a great place to share information about who you are, the things you like, your interests, fun facts and accomplishments

·         Twitter

Using their sweet bio of up to 160 characters you can catch your viewer’s interests and add a link to your portfolio, blog or website

·         LinkedIn

Here you can create an in-depth profile that can really enhance your social media popularity, so it’s important to fill it out completely and include all relevant facts.

The recommendations feature allows you to show reviews from peers that instantly give you credibility and authenticity; it also allows you to endorse others

2.     Provide Value for Time Spent with You

Social media users require information and entertainment; they want value for their time and expect an emotional journey. Providing enjoyment, interest and useful information will make your site a popular choice

3.     Include Links to Things of Interest

Just having a list of your interests, achievements and accomplishments are not as impressive as including quality links. This helps stimulate interest and gives valuable quality backlinks which help your SEO.

Having content that’s uncluttered relevant fast and easy to view adds to viewer’s enjoyment of your site and your popularity

4.     Email Signatures to Promote Your Branding

Include your brand or personal email signatures on all your correspondence. This can be a very powerful way of promoting your social profiles. By being creative with the way you display and word your links you can generate more quality traffic and interest

5.     Create A Personal Website or Blog

Having a blog or website helps you interact with others, the vast majority of people now use social media on the Gold Coast in many aspects of their everyday life.

Having a locally optimised website or blog acting as a hub for all your social media platforms and online activities is a smart and powerful marketing strategy.

With your own website, you have total freedom to be as creative as you wish and can showcase project’s, videos and other things of interest linked to your social media platforms, making it very easy for your visitors to get to know you. 

When wanting to enhance your social media popularity on the Gold Coast, it’s important to have a clear, clean profile on all your platforms and provide your visitors with value-packed, relevant information while entertaining them as you stimulate their emotions and provide an answer to their problems.