Why You Must Optimise Website for Mobile

If your website is not optimised for mobile then you are going to lose sales. Various studies have clearly shown that almost every user will leave your website if it’s not optimised for mobile or takes time to load.

Even Google has rolled out a new update on 21st April 2015 that will be giving preference to websites that are mobile friendly. So, it’s quite clear now that if your website isn’t mobile friendly or responsive then it will surely lose ranks.

Still haven’t optimised your website? Here are a few reasons that why you should have a mobile optimised website:

  • People using mobile are different

People using mobile phones for accessing internet may have different objectives than desktop users. The mobile users are looking for information which is quick and easy to understand. Various research have shown that people are tend to make impulse buys and do more shopping through mobile sites compared to desktop users.

This explains the importance of Optimise Website for different types of platforms in order to meet consumers’ demands. By making your website mobile friendly, you can ensure that users can make purchase easily.

  • Mobile generates traffic

With almost half of the web searches being made through mobile, the importance of having a mobile website has become equal to desktop website. Various sources have reported that people are using their Smartphone for surfing even when they’re busy doing other work. Considering all these reports, it’s high time to switch to mobile friendly website.

  • Brand engagement

If you offer a better mobile experience, people will like your brand more and return to your website again and again. Often people view products on mobile devices and return to the same site through desktops. More than 90% people have said that to accomplish a task they switch between devices or do “multi-screening”. You will build trust and affinity with your website users, if you provide a better experience to them with mobile optimised site.

If you fail to provide a better user experience to your consumers then they might opt for your competitors. This will eventually result in degrading your market value and loss of sales.

To know more about Mobile Website, you can read our blog post: How to Make Your Website Work Effectively on Mobile Devices.

  • Increased conversions

Websites that aren’t optimised for mobile simply fail to convert visitors into buyers. The whole layout becomes clumsy and users find it difficult to place any orders.

  • Decrease in bounce rate

Users find difficult to read website’s content which isn’t Optimise Website for mobile and simply leave the website for another one. This results in increasing the bounce rate of your site. To reduce the bounce rate of your website, you need a fully responsive and mobile friendly website.

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