Local marketing is all about placing your brand and location right in front of your potential customer’s at a time when they are looking for your services and products. Your local SEO Company in Brisbane are experts in all aspects of local SEO and Google Local Search so you can target potential and existing customers in your geographical location. They can do it for you or advise you on the best way to use Google My Business to place you fairly and squarely on the Map.

Local internet marketing done properly with Google My Business, involves having your site listing properly optimised, using the right types of social media management tools correctly and having regular, positive engagement with your existing and potential customers.

Local marketing and Google My Business is most defiantly not a set and forget strategy, it requires constant input and monitoring to place you in the best marketing position and realize more sales.

Show up in local Google Searches

The fastest and easiest way for your business to show up in local Google searches is by having a properly constructed and well managed My Business Listing. This allows your customers to find you, find out about you and even chat with you on any of their internet devices.

Google My Business gives you:

  • Increased visibility

To be in any form of internet marketing you need to be visible and this is what Google My Business does for you. It places your business where it needs to be. When someone makes a local search for a product or service, if you have a well formulated and active Google My Business listing you have a very good chance of getting your business listed in one of the three spots that are reserved for local business in your particular category and your location on Google maps.

The more specialized your particular category is, the higher the chances of a good listing because there will be less business trying for the same listing

  • Huge potential markets

When you have your business listed in the top three places available for Google My Business on Google Maps you are in a truly unique position to tap into a huge potential market that is actively looking for your product and services right and are ready to make a purchase.

Effectively, you are no longer looking for customer’s, they are actively looking for you. All you need to do is present your products or service in an appealing, attractive way and they have sold themselves.

Sharing your information

When you use Google My Business, you instantly share your address, hours of operation, contact information, products and services, special deals and promos. It’s also a great way for customers to see reviews from satisfied customers and you can chat with potential customers to answer concerns or questions in real time.

Having a well planned SEO compliant, Google My Business listing is the best and often the fastest way to get targeted local exposure for your business and website, but it’s vital that it’s done properly. Talk with your local SEO Company in Brisbane for a truly cost effective and efficient way to have your company listed with Google My Business and make your whole web presence SEO compliant and profitable.