A backlink is a link made when one site connects to another. Backlinks are likewise called “inbound links” or “incoming links.” Backlinks are vital elements in building good SEO on Gold Coast. This article is about the importance of having quality backlinks on your website.

What are Backlinks and how are the important?

Backlinks or Inbound links are links where another website is or has linked to your website. These are important because when you have quality backlinks they indicate to search engines that your site is popular. A quality backlink is a link from a website that itself has a large following and many backlinks.

Search engines work on algorithms or math equations, they see that a site has many links so they look at the site, check its validity and the number of quality visitors it has. When a site has lots of backlinks, search engines give it a higher rating than those with fewer or low quality links and award it a higher place on search engine pages

Backlinks are an indication of popularity and website authority or importance. Search engines examine the relevancy between keyword searches and quality backlinks to that site.

They will check each backlink and determine if it’s an authentic backlink (Quality link) or a purchased or low quality link. They do not like low quality or broken links and can penalize sites by lowering their rankings or removing them from the search pages.

Search engines examine the contents of sites to determine the site quality and give a rating accordingly. When they discover a back link to another site that is relevant to your site they consider that a quality site. The more relevant the higher the perceived quality and value the link is.

Enticing Visitors using Backlinks

When you build a website you need to point the way to your website and a good way is using backlinks. This is best done by linking to websites that are highly relevant to yours and giving them quality feedback. Joining in on a discussion on a relevant blog or guest blogging are both excellent ways to earn quality backlinks

Reciprocal linking is only a good idea if the site you’re linking with is relevant to your site. Google has in a recent update added a new filter regarding reciprocal links and will only recognise them if they are relevant. If you have too many irrelevant reciprocal links then you could be penalized, lowering your rankings.

It’s expected that a new SEO update will soon be looking for not only at how popular sites you link to are, but how trustworthy they are adding another complication to creating good SEO on the Gold Coast and building quality backlinks. This could mean that you could reduce your chances of having a higher raking by backlinking to a site that is of low quality or ranking.

What this means is it’s important to strive to keep the content you place on your site original, relevant to your keywords, headings and industry as well as being High Quality and SEO compliant.

It’s now important to keep track of all your backlinks and remove any that are not considered of High quality. This is best done using one of the Google apps for this purpose or by contacting an SEO company on the Gold Coast to help and advise you in all aspects of SEO and backlinks