What is Google’s new Core Search algorithm Update all about?

Many people do not really understand what SEO and Search Algorithm is all about, but it is really very simple. Google is all about making it easier for people to use the internet and get better search results.

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Gone are the days when you could sit down and write a simple piece of content and have it easily found on the net. With the billions of new pieces of content that are being added every day the accuracy and relevancy of your content is becoming more and more important.

The new core search algorithm update is aimed at relevancy rather than anything else, relevancy to keywords as well as content. This is not to say that content is no longer important it is vital that you have high quality original content, but this must be relevant to the topic

The following may help you to keep within the scope of the new search algorithm:

  • Check accuracy your web site and all pages for any mistakes both for factual errors in content and programming or technical problems like page speed issues and weak security areas as well as any in links, link buttons, hashtags, banners and other attachments to your site. The search engine will find even the smallest mistake and this could affect your ranking.
  • Update all your information and remove anything that is no longer relevant. Google is now demanding more accountability for facts and reliability. It is also looking for better descriptions of content. If your content provides answers that are better for a given search query and are more relevant than other sites Google will rank you higher than pages that are more general. So the changes are favoring more highly specific, targeted content allowing it to outrank content that is more generalized. If you are slipping in the ranking is could be that your website is not 100 percent relevant to the given search queries.
  • New original content is favored over older out of date content

Add more relevant data and update conclusions and findings. Place original video instead of text where applicable. If you are finding you do not have any technical issues the check the competition to see if they have a higher rank than you. It may well be because they are providing better or more accurate specific targeted information for a given search and Google has recognised someone has provided some better and more relevant content than you have on your site

  • Make sure you have keywords that are relevant to the keywords you are ranked for and update your content or create new keywords that are better and have a higher rating to put to on top.
  • Analyze your competition and if possible get a third party to do an impartial comparison of your site and the competition

The practical application of the Google’s new Core Search algorithm Update is that site or rather all web content needs to be more accurately optimised for content that relates to the subject that the keywords are related to and sites now need to be more specific and relevant. It is not so much a content quality issue although quality is still very important, it is more an issue of accuracy and relevancy

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