What Are the Sources of Your Website Traffic?

Over the last few years, small businesses have increased investment in online marketing and websites. People have realised that online marketing can provide low cost, minimum risk, and high returns for their businesses. But you may wonder about the sources from where your Website Traffic can be generated.

Here is a short description of four major types of traffic sources:

  • SEO and Organic Search Results

The purpose of SEO is to improve a website rankings and organic positioning on search engine results page (SERP) of major search engines. In any SEO campaign you need to be patient right from the start, investing time and money to generate favourable results.

If done properly without breaking any rules (Avoid using Black Hat SEO), then SEO and organic traffic can prove to be more fruitful and highly effective in the long run. Instead of viewing SEO and PPC (explained below) as competition, you should use both of these techniques in conjunction to generate high traffic.

To know more about Black Hat SEO, you can read our blog post: Black Hat SEO Or White Hat SEO-What SEO Hat Should You Wear?

  • Paid Traffic

Ad Words, Remarketing, Facebook ads etc comes under this segment. Through paid traffic, you can access the major online positions for ads of your business as it considered highly relevant for audiences. Social media ads, Google Adwords, and different remarketing providers generally qualify for paid traffic.

Since there’s a cost involved for every click, therefore generating an effective conversion rate is given quite importance as it provides a good return on investment. One of the best things about paid traffic is access to data that helps to measure success accurately.

  • Content Marketing

People often see content marketing as a way to improve organic SEO rankings of their websites. However, if content marketing is done in a proper manner then it can become an excellent source of links and referral traffic. Blog is an ideal place to start content marketing as websites that have blog page receive more visitors and inbound links.

Original and fresh content is given quite high priority by Google and all the other major search engines. So, focusing on content marketing with unique and quality content can surely prove to be quite fruitful in bringing more traffic for your business website.

  • Social Media Platforms

Don’t get confused here with paid social media ads. Social media platforms are an excellent place to encourage a whole targeted community with similar needs to visit your business website. With social media, you can build relationships with your consumers by promoting your products & services. This results in high quality traffic because visitors are already aware about your products & services to some extent.

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