Web Design Some of the Best Design Tools for Your Campaigns (Part II)

Various types of tools are required for a web design campaign. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or a beginner web designer. These web design tools make your work easier and desired results are achieved at the end of the campaign. Following is a list of 9 such design tools that can help to make your tasks a lot easier than before.

In the previous article, we presented a list of the best web design tools available. In this article also, we have enlisted another 9 web design softwares widely used on the Gold Coast.

    • ImageOptim This software helps to optimise images. So they load at a faster rate and consume less space on the hard disk. For this, it finds the best compression parameters, also removes the unnecessary colour profiles and comments. It can easily handle GIF, JPEG and PNG images or animations.
  • Sketch 3 This application has some powerful tools and a highly user-friendly interface. Sketch has a smart pixel alignment and powerful non-destructive boolean operations. It makes exporting quite fast with multiple resolution export and automatic slicing. It also supports multiple, borders, fills and shadows per layer.Sketch is not just only good for shapes as it can also rotate, scale, crop and mask the images. The text will text always looks 100% accurate because by using native font rendering text tool allows you to add beautiful typography in the designs.
    • Axure It offers prototyping, wireframing and specification tools which are required to make informed design choices or to persuade any skeptics. You will build a fan following of your designs, by using this application.
    • Heroku Using this designing software you can make build and run apps your way. Python, Node.js, Ruby, and Java are supported by Heroku. So you can easily implement the languages you know already to build and deploy various types of apps on Heroku.
    • Hype 2 With Hype, you can create interactive and amazing animated web content. Hype’s HTML5 output performs quite well on all the browsers and mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads. Coding is also not required.
    • Framer.js  Framer.js is a prototyping tool for interaction and animation on mobile and desktop. It helps a user to quickly build animations and interactions. It integrates with Photoshop and is made especially for web designers. Used widely on the Gold coast by web designers, Framer.js is considered as an excellent alternative to Keynote, Flash or Quartz Composer.
    • Hammer  It’s an excellent tool to build HTML websites. Hammer comes with features such as HTML, Clever Paths, SASS and Coffeescript parsing, making it an indispensable tool!
    • ImageAlpha It reduces file sizes of 24-bit PNG files by applying lossy conversion and compression to a more effective PNG8+alpha format. These images are compatible with all browsers and iOS.
  • BugHerd It’s a project management and a visual bug tracking app built especially for web designers and developers. It enables you to report issues directly on a site with a simple click. BugHerd takes screenshots and automatically grabs all browser data. These features make it a perfect option while working with clients, remote teams and QA testers.
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