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We are Straight Up Video; our team can:

  • Event videography
  • Website content creation
  • Social Media content
  • Client testimonials
  • YouTube videos
  • Product videos

The power of video is undeniable in an increasingly digital age. Video is becoming a mainstream marketing technique that businesses are utilising to take their marketing to new heights. Video as a marketing tool is a relatively new concept for small to medium businesses. The traction it can create is real tangible results that had never been seen before, until now. Video is changing the game.

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    Video is compelling, educational and creates and emotional connection no other content can deliver. Video is in demand for consumers. YouTube is testament to this. It has the innate ability to engage an audience. It creates a digital presence that nothing else can offer. This visual tool creates a unique opportunity in business that is transformative.

    At Straight Up Digital we have a team of creatives, and an in-house videographer/photographer that can help you transform your business platforms. Ranging from website videos, to creative curated content, we are paving the way for our client’s success. Our video services link into every service we provide. Video should be central to your social strategy, provide compelling content for your website, and create traction for your search engine optimisation. Digital marketing is a multi-faceted industry, the traditional methods undeniably work, however video is the accelerant. Whether it is event videography, social content, client testimonials, or informative video for a website our team can structure and execute quality content. Video plugs into each and every area of digital marketing and brings it to life. Straight Up Digital can turn your business, and brand into an identity with a strong heartbeat.

    Video has an influence that no other medium can produce. We’ve seen it with photography, and what a still image can portray and the value it attracts to a business; video is that but BIGGER. Video as a content component is essential for rapid and sustainable growth. Video has proven to be the highest value form of content across social media.

    In an over saturated digital world, professional, high-quality video cuts through the mundane. Video can be a purely strategic approach and be used to relay information fast. This is a great way to make information easy to digest. Video content can be perfect for websites, to show your browsing clients who you are, what you do and why they should pick you over your competitors. This is the easiest way to present your business, and compel customers to engage with your business. Video can also be more creative and can transform how your customers visualise your business. Video tells a story, it has the ability to emotionally engage people in your brands history, products or brand presence. It has been proven to increase brand trust, brand loyalty and engagement on all platforms it is distributed. In return it drives sales by surging authenticity through your sales funnel. The power of video is not to underestimated.


    As well as video, we offer a range of photography packages, that can be stand alone or in addition to our video packages. These include:

    • Event photography
    • Website content
    • Social Media content
    • Product photos
    • Team photos
    • Head shots

    Have you ever been on a website with obvious stock images? Or a website that has no images to show their products properly? What about a social media account that has no brand personality? Quality photography can position a business, it is a visual must for any ecommerce and product-based service. Other than just being visual ques and used as another way for consumers to digest content and information, photography brings authenticity to your brand.

    Photography can quickly change the way your brand is perceived by your customers. More than ever consumers are craving brand identity and a connection with who they buy from. Effective photography is essential to represent your brand. From basic product shots for your website, to headshots, to team imagery and social media content, Straight Up Digital has everything to turn your website or social media platform to engaging conversion funnels for your business.

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