Content will always be king on blogs and other websites as this the reason people visit you. In order to keep visitors and stop them from bouncing off, your blog needs to be attractive. The more attractive and interesting you make your blog the longer people will stay and the more often they will return. These five SEO tips will help make your blog more attractive to your readers. It will also help you formulate ideas to ask your SEO Service on the Gold Coast to implement on your blog if they are acting for you.

  1. Declutter it

Consider just what are the main ideas or points you want to get across to visitors and concentrate on them. Remove all the other stuff so a visitor sees a clean, uncluttered site that’s fast loading.

Secondary information can be placed on sidebars where people can instantly find it if that is what they want

  1. Limit Advertisements

Yes, it is understandable that site and bloggers wish to recoup some of their costs by including ads, but most people hate ads and they are really not necessary. Visitors come to your site to find information or be entertained and not read annoying ads. If they want something they will Google it

  1. Have a simple Design

Rather than trying to create a pretty or sophisticated blog site, make an optimised blog that reflects your personality and your branding.

  • Use a sidebar for additional information and extra content, share live feeds, your social media accounts, building your mailing list and general site navigation. Clear navigation is essential
  • A search bar will help visitors to find anything on your blog quickly, maximising their time spent with you giving real value
  • A footer displays legal and technical information security and trust badges encouraging visitor trust while discouraging fraudsters
  • Typographical style and Font are very important as your whole site needs to be clear and easy to read on any sized device. Some fonts are easier to read than others
  1. Attractive content

Your content needs to be is easy to read, interesting, precise, concise, accurate and have no grammatical or spelling mistakes. Try injecting your personality into your content, sterile, boring text is not attractive.

Images need to be very relevant to the subject, interesting and suggestive as well as being royalty-free. People like original content that stirs the emotions.

Adding relevant video links help with user experience and ensure your headlines are well thought out and appealing

  1. Attractive Social Media and Call To Action Buttons

When you have visitors interested you need to capitalise and provide an attractive call to action options. Leaving comments, sharing with friends, engaging on your social media accounts, entering promo contests or joining mailing lists are all helping to increase your web presence, search engine optimisation and ratings. Local SEO on the Gold Coast is vital so people can easily find you.


Having an attractive blog will help convert any visitors into faithful followers. By being uncluttered your site is easier to use and encourages your readers to interact with you. Your Local SEO Service Company on the Gold Coast can help you create an attractive blog or do it for you.