Top tips to ranking in 2018

The internet is always evolving and changing, the strategies and techniques that worked so well in the past for optimum SEO on The Gold Coast have to be modified or abandoned so your content has a ranking that makes it easy for people to discover it.

Keywords were the major way that search engines found your content and rated it, although they are still vital as any good SEO company on the Gold Coast will tell you. But now Google has introduced their new machine learning system called RankBrain that works alongside and complements keyword placement to make it easier for search engines to sort content so users can find it.

Google always tries to make finding the information people want as quick, simple and painless as possible, so introduce new ideas and strategy’s as needed while the internet keeps expanding and changing. This makes mastering SEO and keeping your content and website(s) at the top of the rankings a continuous process, so if you like most people are short of time finding a good SEO company on the Gold Coast is very cost effective.

RankBrain the new Google tool for SEO

RankBrain is all about measuring the number of people who click on each item in the search results and how long they stay on the site. This helps the search engine determine the level of interest in that site.

If a site contains many keywords that are related to a topic it will attract a lot of interest, but it does not immediately grab their interest and convey the message and provide what they want, they will bounce off and go to another site.

RankBrain also measures or focuses on the dwell time; that is how long someone spends on your site and the click through rate.

Dwell time is now the most important factor to determine search rankings.

How long people stay on your site is determined by whether or not they find your site interesting and it is easy to find the content that they are looking for with the “WOW” factor.

If when someone finds your site uninteresting or “boring” without the information they seek “right there”, “right now” it is likely they will bounce off straight away.

When people start doing that, your site will it will drop in the rankings. The average time people now spend on (dwell time) on the top 10 items in any Google search is 3 minutes 10 seconds.

When you look at the way RankBrain works, it is just common sense when a lot of people spend time on a site it shows that the site is providing what they want.

  • The local SEO on The Gold Coast relevant keywords allow the search engines to place the site in the rankings
  • Then the total site traffic that hasn’t only clicked on the site, but stayed there for a significant amount of time shows that the site has a high level of relevant content that people like which is important for SEO on the Gold Coast
  • The search engine result sites that visitors stay the longest average length of time on can then help Google to determine the ranking for that site
  • Quality, Original, relevant content is always the major factor that determines whether visitors like a site
  • Your site needs to show people why they need to click on it rather than any other otherwise it will be ignored

The Big Change

Google now does not only measure content, they focus on the quality of the content which is why it is becoming important to use competent SEO Company on The Gold Coast

  • Gone are the days when you could just stuff a few keywords into content so search engine spiders could check to make sure your keyword(s) appeared in your URL, Title tag, Description tags Image tags and content
  • Considering that there are now over 3.5 billion searches every day on Google, it is vital that your site is able to stand out
  • The best websites are topic specific and have in depth, relevant content so a searcher can easily find everything they need
  • Concise and precise in depth content now ranks best with Google
  • The most popular sites or pieces of specific content are of at least 2,000 words
  • Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) are keywords or phrases that are not just synonyms or keywords that are similar but are related. For example, a car is similar to a truck, but is also related to driving and roads

Mobile content

Content must be consistent on both mobile and desktops as of July 2018 it’s estimated that 53% of internet searches were made on mobile devices, 43% were done on Desktops.

The fastest growing area for internet searches is on mobiles; subsequently many web sites have made a version for desktop and a simplified version for mobile because of the small screen size.

Google is expected to soon go mobile and when this happens the hidden content that is only found on the desktop version will be ignored by Google search engines so it is important to have all your content consistent and of a responsive design


To have your web presence in front of your customers, you need to make your content specific for local SEO on The Gold Coast and give them a good reason to click on your site that is made up of interesting relevant original and current information

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