SEO on the Gold Coast has come a long way over the last few years, with internet users becoming much more discerning, demanding a totally user friendly and interactive experience.

Some 0f the top things you can do to ensure your site is SEO friendly are:

Get rid of anything that slows down your site’s speed

This is now one of the most critical SEO factors, but in no way the only one

A slow loading speed will frustrate your visitors and many will leave after a few seconds, you will not only lose a visitor but a potential customer. Over 10 years ago page speed was adopted by Google as an important ranking factor for their search engines. Now more than 3 seconds for many is unacceptable, so you’re losing the battle to gain new visitors and customers

Many people consider a slow website a sign of low quality and untrustworthiness.


Many people avoid linking their sites to their opposition because they feel they may lose customers that way and want them to stay on their site, but generally it has the exact opposite effect as it helps their readers get a better overall picture of what’s available as it establishes you as an authority within your industry.

This tells your readers that you’re giving an unbiased opinion and the real facts. Search engines love good helpful links and reward sites with higher rankings, because of this, but never bother with low quality links.

Always write for your readers not just to appeal to search engines

Many websites tend to be mediocre and almost insipid because they feel like they are written to attract search engines and the human visitor is secondary. High value useful content delivered in an interesting way is the only way to go.

Don’t become a SEO copywriter on the Gold Coast, aim your content at your human audience with original and highly relevant information that is designed to be friendly and useful. In this way you will automatically gain the attention of the search engines, but the other way around you will quickly lose both.

Keep it simple

People like to land on sites that are simple, easy to understand and get to the point straight away. Always be precise, concise and to the point, if your visitors don’t find something to interest them in a few seconds they will be gone.

There are two main reasons people use the internet, one is for entertainment the other to find the answer to a problem. Often people expect to find both entertainment and answers at the same time. So to keep your site SEO friendly and strive to give them both

Use imagery and Video

The use of live or cartoon imagery can get your message across very quickly and in a very friendly way. By incorporating humor you can make your message unforgettable and something others like to share. Always include the right keywords with your images and keep them relevant. Content should be light and friendly, simple and highly relevant to the topic of your site and your keywords, something you would enjoy reading. SEO on the Gold Coast is all about linking with local people and giving them the information they need.