Just having a great website is not enough, you need a web presence that attracts and holds people and encourages them to read your content, interact and engage with your forms and act on your call to action suggestions. For many the best and most cost effective ways to do this is by using your SEO Service on the Gold Coast.

These top SEO Tips will help you improve your user’s engagement on your website


You need to show people as soon as they arrive on your website they‘re at the right place. People usually won’t bother wading through endless text to find what they want.

  • Use relevant images to show them the advantages of clicking on them to find out more
  • Use Video, it’s hundreds of times more effective at getting across your message than text
  • Use sounds and voice to actively suggest you provide the goods
  • Offer your visitors the option of clicking to your Media gallery page to browse at their leisure

Interactive content

Give your visitors the opportunity to interact with your site in an interesting and friendly way

  • Offer prizes and discounts to new users as well as return customers
  • Offer surveys or relevant topics
  • Have an active chatbot to give instant answers to queries or questions
  • Offer interesting Quizzes
  • Always reply in a positive and friendly way as soon as possible to all attempts people make to contact you
  • Include social share buttons, as when people find stuff they enjoy or that provides value they love to share it

Download Speed

You page and any active content must download instantly so visitors can quickly view your whole site and easily get the information they require. Ads and popup’s all slow down your site, even a delay of a second can adversely affect your engagement and conversion rates.

Clean and De cluttered

Make sure your design is easy on the eyes and not confusing. Use lots of whitespace so your site works on all devices and use readable text sizes and fonts.

  • Streamline your navigation so anything on your site can be found with only a few clicks
  • Organise using blog posts and new categories so everything is constantly and easily accessible, Try a simple to operates site search box


Have proper links with descriptive anchor text that is relevant and specific to all your content pages and landing or capture sites.

Ensure all links work and lead to the correct places

Text length

  • Your text needs to be interesting, concise and precise
  • Avoid filling it with irrelevancies, stick to the point
  • Break up your content with relevant keyword subheadings, numbered lists or bullet points as well as relevant images
  • Use summary first paragraphs with an instant link to rest of the text. People don’t read long text blocks unless motivated


Web engagement is the most important part of internet marketing, without it you don’t have a business, no matter how good your site is or great a service if no one engages you, no don’t have a business, ask the experts at your local SEO Agency on The Gold Coast to advise you today.