The basic principles of building an effective content marketing strategy is to develop your own unique brand and then where to and how to implement it to gain more exposure. Your local SEO services on The Gold Coast can help you set up a very effective internet marketing campaign to give you more exposure through your content marketing or do it all for you at a very competitive price.

  • Your Message

You need to work out what you want your brand to say. What message you want your visitors and target audience to get each time they see your brand? Some things to consider about your brand:

  • What do you stand for?

Once you have defined what your business stands for in relation to the products or services you supply, you can form a strategy that reinforces that with your contacts

  • What are you trying to accomplish?

To encourage people to come to your site to be amused or entertained and at the same time find vital and interesting information.

Providing high quality information that is also highly relevant to your products or services makes your site interesting and very useful.


Building a healthy trust relationship with your targeted audience is vital and requires a similar and consistent tone throughout all your content and social media outlets where visitors start to recognise the feel and look of your content style and tone in everything you publish

  • Your Brand

For your brand to be recognised instantly you need a good logo that people associate with your company and brand so needs to be included in all your internet content

Your brand identity can be created in house or use your local SEO services on the Gold Coast to make sure that it’s done properly. Setting up your brand is not easy and needs to take into account the local conditions and variables that an experienced local marketing strategist fully understands.

  • What’s the face of your business?

What is the thing people consistently see at a glance on all your content, it could be either a logo or a picture of you or someone you want to consistently represent your brand. The important thing is that this image is present on all your content across all your marketing so your brand is instantly recognised.

  • Consistency

A consistent high quality, tone and viewpoint are important. If your content gives conflicting views and the quality of your content goes up and down your followers and visitors will find it hard to trust your views and opinions. If your content comes from different authors you need to be very careful the feeling of everything is similar and consistent even if there are different opinions expressed.

Content is King so closely follow up your content closely related content so they can build on each other. Once your readers have gleaned an idea from your content they are likely be interested in similar topics, the content you have the more coverage you can expect. As your local SEO company on the Gold Coast will tell you, search engines like content that is more specific, and if you can get links between your articles from readers, this increases your authority in your industry which leads to more exposure overall .