The internet is ever evolving and changing; SEO has also changed, although many principles of SEO on the Gold Coast remain unchanged and important.

The following are some of the top tips for improving your SEO rankings on The Gold Coast

Targeted keywords are still vitally important, but search engines have grown and now include a range of parameters so you need to be an expert in SEO on the Gold Coast to ensure your content and website is totally SEO compliant.

Site loading speed

Page speed is critical, remove anything that affects or reduces your loading speed, even just a second delay in your loading speed can cause you to lose visitors and potential customers. Even if they stay they are already considering your site is of dubious quality.

Slow loading means amateur and untrustworthy in many searchers minds if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load you could lose 40%plus of your potential customers.

Google included site loading speed as a major ranking factor in 2010. Get rid of any plugins, declutter your sidebar and only allow essential widgets or extras you don’t really need to get your message across

High quality links

Exposure is what it’s all about, the easiest way to get additional exposure is to link to every highly relevant site in your industry. You may think these links will take people away from your site, but what it will do, is provide them with proof positive that you are an authority on your subject. Why, because you are helping them and giving them a very easy way to check your competency.

When you create a link to another highly relevant site, you are in fact inviting all that’s site’s visitor to explore your site. The more you endorse another site that people like the more interested they will become in seeing who you are and why?

All this activity is noticed by search engines and tells them your site is important and valuable, so they tend to give you a higher ranking

Write for you targeted audience first not for SEO

When you create content it’s vital that it’s written to your target audience and gives them a high value level and is highly relevant to your site titles and headings. When you write to suit keywords and impress SEO it is usually obvious and detracts from the quality of content. Your readers will notice and so with search engines, if not in the content, they will in the adverse reactions of your visitors

Encourage high quality, trustworthy sites to link to you

What you’re selling foremost on your site should be high quality information that relevant to your industry. If your site’s crammed full of highly sort-after, interesting and original information, other sites will want to link to you. Why? Because it’s much easier for them to link directly to you giving their visitors the information you provide at a click, than to create similar content. Plus, they get the advantage of your link to their site so it’s a win, win for you both

Always have web analytics working for you

You need to know what your viewers are doing so you can react quickly.

Having unique, fresh and extremely useful, relevant to your industry is the most important aspect of SEO on the Gold Coast Today