Although Google is free for users, it’s a business, and as such, it does whatever is necessary to improve its own cash flow, which means selling advertising space as a high priority. One of the things Google tends to do is direct searchers to paid ads rather than organic listings because this makes more money for Google. Unfortunately, this is not good for people who rely on making a living using organic traffic. This article will help you compensate for this and drive traffic to your SEO website on the Gold Coast.

The SEO techniques you need to drive organic traffic?

Paid advertising on Google can cause organic listings into lower positions on search engine pages. This results in fewer searchers clicking on these listings and encourages internet marketers and online retailers to start investing more in paid advertising to find new customers

Internet marketers who want to find organic traffic need to create better web pages that feed faster and provide better value than their competitors and any paid ads.

First things first

Before you do anything you need to ascertain exactly what your page ranking is in search results. This can be done using tools such as Keyword Rank Checker. Once you know your ranking, you can take steps to improve it.

These effective SEO techniques will help drive traffic to your website in 2020and beyond.

  • Improve the user experience in all aspects of our web presence

Google wants each of its users to have the very best possible experience while using their search engines. So the best policy is to create everything in a way that caters for your target audience and satisfies their needs. To do this you need to first find out what they want and design your site and content accordingly

  • Quality

Google is getting very good at discerning quality from spoof and weeding out the imposters and incompetent operators, this is evident in the fact, they are the world leaders, so strive for the highest quality content possible

  • Simple and easy to read

Optimise your content to make it easy to read

  1. Ensure your content is original, interesting, informative and highly relevant
  2. All content must be free of any spelling and grammar errors
  3. Short paragraphs are best, limited to 3 to 4 sentences
  4. Structure your sentences, mixing long, medium and short sentences so your content reads like a song and is enjoyable to read
  5. Use informative sub-headers, bullet points and numbers to help readers scan your content to understand the main points you’re making
  • White Space

Allow for white space or relevant images to make content more interesting. A short video or image can convey your message in milliseconds

  • Page Speed

Your page needs to load super fast and so does any site navigation you include, PageSpeed Insights will help you develop your site’s performance

Your local SEO company on the Gold Coast is ideally positioned to help you improve all aspects of your SEO. This is because they are not only experts in their field who study the latest algorithms from Google, have with the latest apps and trends covered, but they understand the local conditions and how SEO relates to the unique way of life in The Gold Coast’s multicultural society, giving you a clear advantage.