Top Reasons Why You Should Do Local SEO

Here are some Local SEO trends that can prove helpful for your business with time. Have a look.

  • Online search for local business is up

With each passing year, there has been a huge rise in the online searches made by people. The important point to note here is that most of these searches were made keeping in mind the local market. The search for local products and services has nearly doubled in last few years. This clearly indicates that people are using search engines to find what they’re looking for in local market.

  • Search engines are becoming a preferred choice to search for local businesses

Nowadays, local consumers are using Internet on a large scale to find out the information they’re seeking locally. Use of paper directories has declined notably and depend on internet has become abundant.

  • The targeted and approach timeliness

The best time to connect with consumers is when they’re looking for the products and services offered by you. With help of a Local SEO campaign that is targeted towards the local consumers, you can reach the potential buyers at the exact moment when they’re searching for information related to your business.

  • Searches made by using Smartphone or mobile

Almost all the big business houses are focusing more on mobile searches and they have even created their own ‘apps’, making it easier for users to reach them. The local market is not behind in capturing this trend of focusing more on traffic coming from mobile searches. So, you need to focus more on the increasing power of mobile phones to bring in consumers for your products and services.

To know more about Mobile Search, you can read our blog post: Ignoring Mobile? You Must be Out of Your Mind.

  • Excellent ROI

In local SEO, you’ll be wasting quite a little exposure, unlike old or traditional advertising strategies. This makes Local SEO highly effective and cost-effective as well because your consumers reach only when they need your products and services.

  • Not many businesses have Google’s local listings

Even with the huge rise of online marketing, many people have failed to recognise its value, and only around 10% local businesses have any presence at Google Places. This provides you an excellent opportunity to get ahead of your competitors and grab the online market. Start your Local SEO campaign today, before the market becomes tough.

  • SEO offers highest conversion levels                          

Compared to any other traditional local advertising channels, highest conversion is offered by local directory marketing. On some directories conversion is up to 50% which implies that out of two leads, one can be converted into an actual consumer.

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