Things to Consider For Your Logo Design

For any brand, a logo is its visual symbol. It helps in creating an identity for your brand and builds trust in the minds of your consumers. You need to assess the design of your brand’s logo whether you’re starting or revamping your business. Remember, logo design is also the identity or theme of your site’s web design.

Here are some factors which you need to keep in mind while creating or revamping your logo design.

  • Is The Design Appropriate?

The logo must be the centre point of your brand and should integrate nicely with the theme of your business. It should be consistent and relate to all the visual assets of your online business. As a symbol of your online business the logo design should be authentic to your targeted industry. Be careful while choosing the symbols of the logo as it should enable people to connect/relate with the products & services offered by your company.

  • Go for Minimalism

Infusing your logo design will too many things can make it look confusing, messy and cluttered. Logo designs are usually small in size, so don’t cram it with too many things. Try your best to avoid images that have text or other details because these things look jumbled when seen in small sizes. Over the years, such logos may even become irrelevant for your business. To achieve maximum clarity and longevity you need to stick to simplest shape or symbol for your logo design.

  • Make It Look Very Clear

By using special effects like drop shadows, patterns or bevelling you might be effecting or compromising with the design of your logo. Such effects can damage the look of your logo and these may even get distorted on various platforms or devices.

  • Choose Colours Wisely

Every colour portrays a different meaning and creates a quick impression about your products & services. For example, green, blue, black and grey convey a feeling of trust and authority whereas red, yellow and orange means fun and energy. Colour intensity also has a meaning, like neon or bright colours are used by brands that are looking to make a bold impression while soft pastel shades goes well with beauty and health industry. Flat colours are more effective compared to grading effects and subtle shading.

  • Logo Should Be Multi-purpose

You can use your logo in different dimensions and it should flexible enough to work in various places. Ensure that the logo can increase in size to look good on billboards and it can also be easily squeezed to use as an icon on social media platforms.

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